Meet Your Travel Nurse Recruiter: Dylan Dargavel


Travel Nurse Recruiter - Dylan Dargavel - Trusted Nurse StaffingMeet our newest travel nurse recruiter: Dylan Dargavel! Dylan recently graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Public Relations degree, and so to make him feel back at college, we told Dylan his initiation to the team is to be interviewed for the blog and chug a gallon of milk. The milk initiation is a lie, but don’t tell Dylan yet!


Dylan, what interested you in becoming a travel nurse recruiter?

At SUNY Fredonia, I had the pleasure to work with many people while getting my public relation degree and I realized I am a “people person”. I wanted to find a job that would allow me to work with people much more and the opportunity to help nurses everyday is a perfect fit for me!

What’s the best part of your job?

It’s been very rewarding to talk with nurses everyday about their careers, then find them the perfect opportunity. I know how hard it can be to find work, but when I help a nurse find their dream job and hear the excitement in their voice, I am very happy. This job is very rewarding!

How about the Trusted Nurse Staffing team?

Everybody in our office is very close which is great. We help each other when we need to, we talk about hot jobs we know of. After work on Fridays we like spend time together which is nice team building.

What do you like to do outside of work?

After work, I head to a spin class to get my workout on! On the weekend I really love to explore the city’s new retail and coffee shops and attend it’s many festivals like the Taste of Buffalo. 

Travel Nurse Recruiter - Dylan Dargavel - Trusted Nurse Staffing

Is there a nurse in your life that you admire?

My grandmother! I always remember her as a nurse when I was growing up. She was the eldest child and found herself often taking care of her siblings, which she ultimately took into her career of helping others. My grandmother’s dedication to provide for her family and assist those in need is definitely something I appreciate today. She retired from nursing a year ago. 

“My grandmother’s dedication to provide for her family and assist those in need is definitely something I appreciate today.”

If you were a travel nurse, which city would you want to work in?

Anywhere in California because of the warm weather, scenery, and beach life! What’s funny is that I never been to California, but I know I would love it.


What’s your one tip for travel nurses?

Have confidence and enjoy the adventure! You’re very lucky to be able to experience a new city, so have fun and explore. It may just be the perfect place to call home for a very long time!

“You’re very luck to be able to experience a new city, so have fun and explore.”

Describe the best nurse you’ve worked with.

The best nurses have been those that ask a lot of questions. Even if I don’t know the answer, their curiosity shows their interest in the position. I recently placed a nurse from Ohio in Florida. Her communication with me was great because it helped me find the opportunity she was looking for.


Only 3 months into the position and Dylan has already been an incredible help to nurses across the country. Connect with Dylan on LinkedIn.


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