“A nurse is a person strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone.”

In 2015, USA Today reported that travel nursing is on the rise and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. Hospitals want to hire the best and most experienced travel nurses so it’s what you do in your role that will impact your chances of getting the next assignment.

We compiled a list of our favorite traits of the best nurses that we found in this article on Monster. Do you share these five most common traits with the best travel nurses in the industry? 

1. Communicates Well

Throughout a typical day, you juggle conversations with many different audiences – from patients, their visitors, other nurses on staff, to doctors. Depending on your audience, you’ll use the terminology that they most understand. Properly communicating patient status means that everybody is on the same page and it builds their trust in what you have to say.

2. Keeps Emotions in Check

Each day can bring you joyful highs or traumatic lows – it’s how you deal with these moments that can impact your attitude. It’s a great idea to reflect on how you react in extreme situations and begin to adjust to those moments. Being level-headed keeps the patient calm as well. They often depend on your strength to help them along.

3. Pays Attention to Detail

The best nurses are the ones who are most aware. Those who pay attention to the finer details are better able to catch near misses and subtle changes in a patient’s condition that may lead to emergencies. Always remember to look at your patients and not just the medical devices.

4. Keeps Up the Endurance

Anybody that says nursing is easy has never been a nurse! It takes mental and physical endurance to make it through a shift. Somedays you will end your shift feeling like you just ran a marathon while carrying sandbags on your back. Or your brain feels like mashed potatoes.

How do the best nurses keep up their endurance during a shift? They eat healthily, drink water, and take their break when they can catch it. On their days off they take a well-deserved rest. Ahhh.

5. Always a Professional

You will have tough days where patients will test you and there may be times you will work with someone that doesn’t align with your personality. But above all, remember that the healthcare facility trusts that you will represent their mission statement, respect their staff, and yourself. The most respected nurses are always professional and respect those they work with each day.


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