So, you landed a new travel healthcare assignment! It’s time to celebrate and get ready to head to your next exciting location. Most travel contracts will last around 13 weeks, and this time will fly by faster than you think. It can be difficult to explore a new place in a short amount of time while working full time, but that’s what this lifestyle is all about. Here are some tips to make the most out of your travel assignment.




Once you have a contract signed, you will likely be preoccupied with the task of getting ready for your new assignment. It’s time to get some last-minute documents in, find housing, and figure out how you are going to get there. Once this is all done you can start to get more excited about your upcoming position.


First, try googling the location, then search it on trip advisor and yelp. Let your community of friends know where you will be by posting it on your social media. Chances are one of your Facebook friends have been to, or knows someone who can provide some information about your upcoming location.


Once you get to your new location, tell your coworkers and patients that you are new to town. People are usually eager to tell you all the best places to go and things to do. “Locals” can be your best resource. Some of the best places you will visit on assignment were ones that you will only hear through word of mouth.  Once you have a decent amount of things to do make a “bucket list”. Check off as many as you can before the assignment is over.


first person view of a pair of shoes looking over the edge of a bridge into the ocean


Meet Up

Meet up is a website/app that allows you to connect with other people in your area. There are groups all over the U.S and the activities they participate in can be anything from general socializing to wine tasting, rock climbing, or other sports games/leagues. It gives you a chance to get out and explore your new location with other individuals who are looking to do the same.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have really become popular over the past few years and are an excellent tool to help you as a traveler, make the most out of your travel assignment. They provide a great space for travelers to meet up and provide info with other like-minded individuals. First, if you haven’t already, search for a travel professional groups. There are several groups for travel therapists, travel nurses, and other health care professionals. This can be a great place to connect with others and attend traveler meetups. Next, it’s also a good idea to join Facebook groups for your local area. The best way to find these is by searching for your town name and county name. Local groups are a great way to find out about local events, places to visit and make personal connections.


For other tips on how to make the most out of your travel assignment check out our article on tips for travelers.

Travel healthcare professionals are adventurous and exploring new locations is one of the best parts of this lifestyle! Where do you want to explore next?