While Trusted Nurse Staffing recruiters are on the front lines helping you find the perfect travel assignment, it’s our trusty Compliance Wizard, Stephanee, that works her magic behind the scenes to ensure every bit of your documentation meets the facility’s requirements. Essentially, Stephanee is our in-house Harry Potter!

Stephanee Sarabian, Trusted Nurse StaffingTell me a little more about how you help a nurse going on assignment.

After you accept an assignment, I am your main point of contact at Trusted Nurse Staffing. I help you get acquainted with the facility, secure your insurance enrollment, and finalize your documentations and testings. The amount of required documentation can get overwhelming, so my job is to make sense of it all.

What’s your best tip once a travel nurse accepts a position?

Do not be alarmed by the list of compliances. Half the time you already have the documents that you need. I will help collect all the required docs. You have a partner in this!

What’s one trait the best nurses you have worked with share?

Great communication skills. If you are responsive I can make sure you are compliant and I can continue helping you make money.

“Do not be alarmed by the list of compliances…You have a partner in this!”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love talking to people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and in different phases of life. Everybody has their very own story and career dreams. Once I helped a travel nurse transition from Hawaii to Arkansas. Another time I had to recall my spanish lessons to help a nurse from Puerto Rico find an assignment in the U.S.

How about the team at Trusted Nurse Staffing?

The team is full of smart people that want to help you succeed professionally and personally. We push each other to be better each day. Our CEO, Martin, is a fantastic boss as well. He truly cares about his employees, our nurses, and the facilities we place them in.

Trusted Nurse Staffing Compliance TeamOn your time off, what do you like to do?

I spend most of my free time with my five year old son and three year old baby girl. They mean the world to me.
Also, I enjoy getting exposed to the variety of Buffalo foods. I never heard of poutine or eaten a pizza log until I moved here. You haven’t lived until you have poutine! Occasionally, my compliance team members and I go to a concert for some extra team building fun.

Is there a nurse in your life that you admire?

Mary – she has been a mother figure in my life since I was a child. She was an ER and ICU nurse and naturally would go out of her way for anybody. There was a nurturing vibe about her and she had a love for her patients, their family and the staff.

If you were a travel nurse, which city would you want to work in?

I would split my time between summers in Alaska and Arizona in the winter. It would be the best of both worlds!

Alaska Travel Nurse


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