Travel Nurse Staffing in Rochester, NY

The answer to your nursing needs is Trusted Nurse Staffing. We provide travel nurse staffing for a wide range of healthcare organizations. With our network of qualified and experienced professionals, you can get the help you need, when you need it, even for hard-to-find skills.

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Our Rochester Services

Our travel nursing agency is here to help when you need skilled staff quickly. We offer personalized service from a highly experienced and knowledgeable team that understands your needs. Their expertise with travel nurse staffing combined with our extensive network of clinicians ensures you get the right fit.

Healthcare Staffing Services

Working with us for your travel nurse staffing starts with a conversation about where and when you need your position filled. We then begin our database search for qualified clinicians with two to five years of experience that fit your requirements and job description. We do all the screening for you; you select the candidate that best fits your position. Once we present your offer and it is accepted, we will quickly onboard the candidate and keep in touch with you to ensure that it works out well, and you are fully satisfied with your choice.

Benefits of our travel nurse staffing services include:

  • Competitive costs – Our billing rates are highly competitive in the market and are based on skills, experience, location, and workers’ comp needs.
  • Personalized service – We start immediately determining the best fit for your needs by discussing your requirements, including the job description.
  • Complete transparency – Our team will provide you with a copy of our service agreement, policies, and billing rates upfront.
  • Pre-screened applicants – All candidates for your open positions are qualified with checked references, nationwide and state criminal background checks, social security tracing, and a 10-panel drug screen. We also verify drivers’ licenses are in good standing and check them against sex offender, OIG, OMIG, and SAM/EPLS databases.
  • Temp-to-hire – If you are unsatisfied once you’ve observed the employee in action, we will find a replacement.
  • Wide-ranging skills – Our network includes nursing, therapy, and allied health practitioners.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Services

As a managed service provider, we provide superior cost control and simplified contingent staffing processes with rapid access to skilled practitioners. You increase value, accountability, and efficiency while receiving access to reporting, analytics, and insights to expedite and optimize staffing decisions.

Advantages of MSP services include:

  • Best in class technology
  • Web-based access anytime, anywhere
  • Enhanced shift management
  • Integrates seamlessly with your business’s workflow management systems
  • 24/7 access to customizable analytics and reporting
  • Reduction of vacancy rates, improved workforce quality, and enhanced standardization of care
  • Consolidated billing and payroll
  • Centralized billing, credentialing, contracting, job orders, risk, and insurance management
  • Access to a workforce consultant for advice on custom solutions and labor trends
  • Dedicated managed services representative assigned to each program area

What Makes Us Different?

Filling temporary positions for seasonal fluctuations, covering healthcare staff leave, backfilling for turnover, or unanticipated needs can be stressful on already overtaxed staff managers. Working with Trusted Nurse Staffing is a much-needed respite. We take the stress off you for finding qualified, available talent and handle everything through onboarding. With travel nurse staffing, you save time, money, and valuable resources.

  • Our team can provide resources for any leave length.
  • We have a vast range of skills and talent available.
  • Candidates are experienced, trained, screened, onboarded, and ready to hit the floor running from the first day.
  • You have constant access to specialists to support you from staffing to payroll to reporting and beyond.

Benefits of a Fully Staffed Nursing Department

Ensuring quality, consistent continuity of care is of primary concern to healthcare administrators. Observing industry best practices increases patient satisfaction, lowers readmission rates, and increases revenue. Lowered patient-to-nurse staffing ratios result in reduced mortality, cardiac arrest, hospital-acquired pneumonia, patient falls, medication errors, pressure ulcers, and respiratory failure. Conversely, insufficient nursing staff has been attributed to a 4-6% higher risk of death within the first five days of admission.

Chronic low staffing is a contributor to the serious issue of burnout in the healthcare field. Long hours, overcrowding, and increased COVID compliance have added to the problem. Our travel nursing agency recognizes the importance of providing qualified staff that’s ready to work immediately. One of our objectives is to make your job easier.

Diverse Nurse Staffing

Our travel nursing agency is dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and equality. We seek out and retain the best and brightest talent from diverse backgrounds. Our passion for fair and equitable representation for all areas of the organization translates to the most comprehensive network of qualified practitioners with a wide variety of skillsets. You benefit from skilled, licensed professionals who can quickly assimilate into your existing staff.

Let Us Help with All Your Travel Nurse Staffing Needs

Filling your open positions is second nature for us. We take the stress off you, your nurses, and your patients with our time-tested, efficient, and effective travel nurse staffing and managed services. When you need a travel nursing agency to take the stress out of filling your open clinician positions, contact the knowledgeable team at Trusted Nurse Staffing.

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