Travel Nurse Staffing In Tampa, FL

There are more traveling nurses, traveling medical practitioners, and contract healthcare workers in Florida than in any other region in the US. The state’s massive number of travel nurse positions is partly because of its seasonal demographic trends.

However, travel nurse staffing takes time, particularly in a fast-paced medical field. This is why you need travel nurse staffing to oversee the entire procedure, from advertising to vetting to payroll, benefits, and other vital obligations.

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What is Travel Nursing and Why Should I Consider It?

Travel nursing is a nursing employment program created specifically to tackle the issue of nurse staffing shortages and involves providing nurses to serve seasonal roles, primarily in healthcare facilities. These nurses substitute for nurse burnout at hospitals, long-term treatment centers, and other facilities.

Approximately 1,696,386 traveling nurses are now employed in the United States. These nurses perform the same tasks and have equal duties as conventional nurses. However, they get higher compensation, bonuses, and stipends for food and accommodation.

Benefits of Travel Nursing

Being a travel nurse provides you with the greatest pay scales in the profession, a 401(k) with a 4 percent equivalent following 1,000 hours and one year of service. There are also flexible contracts, including 6, 8, and 13-week agreements, among other benefits. 

Additionally, you can enjoy the following:

  • Food and transit stipends 
  • Rental vehicle selections
  • Trusted perks program 
  • Loyalty program 
  • Employee-sponsored Blue Cross and Shield
  • Guardian dental and vision coverage 
  • The HRA Card, which covers medical deductibles

Besides, you will receive wellness incentives, licensing, certificates, and CEU compensation, as well as a welcoming gift package and programs such as loyalty, discounts, referrals, sign-on and accomplishment, and contractual referral prizes.

What Your Trusted Representative Does For You

A Trusted representative will evaluate your qualifications, experiences, and employment record to help create a tailored portfolio for the job you desire. They also pay attention to your ambitions, passions, and accessibility to develop possible assignments based on your interactions and competencies. Then, they connect you with and present you to your top selections.

They also set up phone interviews with recruiting managers, discuss offer details with you, and establish start times. This includes handling all aspects of pre-hire conformity, like scheduling drug tests, meetings, and credential updates. In addition, they walk you through the sometimes-difficult orientation process at every new facility.

They confront your queries throughout your deployment, whether it is moral support or anything relevant to the clinic or role. They also help you pick and prepare for your future venture by bargaining and renewing your existing contract.

Begin Your Career in Travel Nursing in Tampa

Being a travel nurse might be an exciting career choice if you want to do new things, build relationships, explore places, and keep learning about healthcare in diverse societies. You can jump into this career and thrive with a Trusted representative from travel nurse staffing. 

Trusted Nurse Staffing is an award-winning nurse staffing agency that has received industry recognition due to our quality and continued dedication to service. We can help you get employment in healthcare or find a skilled, qualified workforce for a healthcare facility that needs them. We always emphasize our connections with our staff and clients, and we commit to leading by example in terms of ethics, charisma, and commitment. Contact us right away if you would love to know more about starting your journey as a travel nurse!


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