Travel Nurse Staffing in Albany, NY

The field of travel nursing has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. Nursing shortages, combined with rising hospitalization rates, have led facilities to rely on travel nurses to meet staffing demands. In Albany, New York, the need is greater than ever.

As a nurse, there is no better time to take a step forward in your career. When you work with Trusted Nurse Staffing, we’ll provide you with guidance and support while you take control of your future.


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Travel Nurse Staffing in Albany, New York

As the demand for nurses continues to rise, nurses have more choices than ever in finding the ideal work environment. Travel nurses are RN, LPNs, and BSNs, just like you, who take on temporary work assignments to help hospitals and care facilities meet their ongoing needs.


As a travel nurse, your duties and responsibilities will resemble those of permanent positions you have worked in the past. The only difference is you’ll have greater flexibility and greater bonuses, meal and housing stipends, and higher pay.


Benefits of Travel Nursing

There’s a reason so many nurses move from their permanent positions to travel nursing jobs. Travel positions offer many of the same benefits as traditional positions, as well as several added perks, including:


The highest pay rates in the industry
Customized benefits package
Housing, meal, and travel stipends
Overtime and double-time opportunities
Full-time, part-time, and per diem options
401(k) matching (4% after one year and 1000 hours)
Direct deposit
Wellness benefits

When you work with Trusted Nurse Staffing, you can also expect 24/7 access to a Trusted partner and competitive sign-on and completion bonuses. We’ll also provide License, Certifications & CEU reimbursements, and a welcome box as a thank you gift for joining our team.


What Your Trusted Representative Does for You

We know the stresses nurses face. That is why it is so important to us that you get the support and guidance you need while working a job that you love.


Once you sign on with Trusted Nurse Staffing, our first priority is to get to know you. We’ll look at your experience and education and talk to you about your goals and job preferences. After we have this information, we’ll begin matching you with travel nursing opportunities best aligned with your needs.


Our job isn’t over once we match you with a position. When you work with us, your Trusted advisor will:


Present you carefully selected opportunities and submit you to your top choices
Help you edit and polish your resume
Set up phone interviews with hiring managers
Assist you with onboarding activities, such as drug screening and certification updates
Provide support and assistance when you need it
Help negotiate and/or extend your contract

Begin Your Career in Travel Nursing in Albany, NY

There is always a need for nursing professionals in Albany, New York, and the surrounding area. Travel nursing allows you to work in the field you love on your terms. You’ll get to choose your assignments and work in environments that suit your needs. With flexible contract lengths and competitive pay, you’ll have more control than ever over what your future will hold.


Significant changes are on your horizon. Discover the opportunities that can come with travel nursing. Contact Trusted Nurse Staffing today for more information on how you can take the next steps in your career.


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