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Syracuse, NY Staffing Services

Are you a nurse looking for a job in Syracuse, NY? We’ve got opportunities for you. Trusted Nurse Staffing is a travel nurse agency that assists you in finding temporary jobs that allow you to work and travel. When short-term staffing demands emerge, health professionals and travel nurses fill in the health care facilities and long-term care centers. This is where travel nurse agencies come in and supply the required nurses. 

 We offer reliable and expert help in obtaining essential training, seeking work, and assisting you in your current position. Working as a member of our traveling team provides many benefits tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Our Syracuse, NY Services

1,696,386 travel nurses are currently working in the US. These nurses perform the same tasks and have similar responsibilities as regular nurses, but they earn a greater salary and receive more significant bonuses and stipends for meals and accommodation. 


At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we offer the following services to ensure you enjoy the full range of benefits as a traveling nurse: 


  • Resume Structuring. We’ll look at your education, experience, and employment history to help you tailor your resume to the desired job.
  • Connect you with your best options. Depending on your chats and skill set, our representative will produce a list of prospective assignments based on your goals, availability, and interests. Finally, we will introduce and submit you to your most suitable options.
  • Assists you with all pre-hire requirements. We assist you with all set requirements, such as appointments, setting up drug screens, helping in updating your certifications, and guiding you through the sometimes tricky onboarding process at each new institution the employer assigns you to.
  • Plan Interviews. Job interviews can be difficult; some can leave you scrambling for answers if you’re unprepared. We help you overcome this by arranging an interview with the recruiting manager at the facility and equipping you with valuable interview skills. 
  • Moral help. The job application and recruitment process can become mentally draining when you’re walking the journey alone. Working with us will always make you feel that your trusted representative has your back. We also assist you in choosing and planning for your future adventure in Syracuse, NY, or negotiate and extend your current assignment.


Why Work With Us?

Trusted Nurse Staffing has been a prominent staffing partner for over a decade now, providing urgent temporary nurses to hospitals while paying our travel nurses among the highest rates in the industry. We work with several of the country’s largest and most prominent healthcare centers and small facilities to address acute staffing needs and deliver round-the-clock, exceptional patient care.


At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we preserve open lines of communication with all our nurses to guarantee that you can maintain the level of work you want, address difficulties quickly, and reach your objectives by working on the proper assignments. One thing that sets us apart from other nursing travel agencies is our availability. We’ll be there for you whenever you need us. We recognize the benefits of a strong work/life balance and try our best to tailor your assignments to your specific requirements.



Reach out to our award-winning employment agency to see how our unwavering commitment to service may help you pursue your passions while increasing your earnings. When you establish a working connection with our dedicated staffing team, you get many benefits that enhance your business and personal lives.


We’d be happy to talk about what it’s like to work for Trusted Nurse Staffing and answer ‌your questions about how we function and the entire process. Apply now to find your dream job and begin your adventure. For additional information, please get in touch with us today.


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