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Quitting a Travel Nurse Contract: The Dos and Don’ts


quitting a travel nurse contract

Things don’t always turn out the way we plan, and you’re wondering what to do if your travel nursing assignment needs to be changed for some unforeseen reason. Travel nurse contracts can be canceled for various reasons, but sometimes with unwanted consequences. Knowing the details involved in canceling a contract will equip you to maneuver… Read more »

Why Do Hospitals Hire Travel Nurses?


traveling nurse hospitals

You’ve been considering making the career change to become a travel nurse. The flexibility and gained experiences may look appealing. But why do hospitals need travel nurses?  Will there be job security if you make the change? Before you decide, there are some details you want to know. In this guide, we’ll discuss why travel… Read more »

Benefits of Travel Nursing – Is Travel Nursing Worth It?


should I become a travel nurse

You always dreamed of being a nurse and your job doesn’t disappoint.  But the truth is, you’re starting to get a little stir crazy.  Your curiosity is piqued when some of your nursing friends are talking about travel nursing. You’re wondering whether the perks of being a travel nurse are worth it.  You are in… Read more »

Travel Nursing Requirements: What You Need To Know


You’ve got a bit of wanderlust. Being stuck in one location is not enough for you.  Or maybe you like the flexibility of becoming a travel nurse, and you’re not sure what’s needed to get there.  This guide discusses the requirements to become a travel nurse as well as the credentials and education you may… Read more »

Travel Nurse Housing Stipend: A Complete Guide


what is an average housing stipend for travel nurses

Travel nursing is not only a rewarding occupation, but it also has many fringe benefits. Many travel nursing agencies offer housing stipends as one of those benefits, but you are asking, “What is the average housing stipend for travel nurses?” The factors that must be considered when answering that question may be overwhelming and leave… Read more »