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How to make the most out of your travel  assignment


view of mountain plains

So, you landed a new travel healthcare assignment! It’s time to celebrate and get ready to head to your next exciting location. Most travel contracts will last around 13 weeks, and this time will fly by faster than you think. It can be difficult to explore a new place in a short amount of time… Read more »

How Can We Help Healthcare Workers Overcome Shift Work Disorder Symptoms


Healthcare workers who do overnight shift work commonly suffer from shift work disorder – or SWD.   Nearly 20% of nurses who work overnight develop the disorder, which includes chronic sleepiness, regular drowsiness, and changes in hormone levels, body temperatures, alertness, and hunger.   Because the disorder arises from interruptions in the sleep-wake cycle and… Read more »

Tips For Nurses Seeking a Good Night’s (or Day’s, or Afternoon’s) Sleep


Woman Sleeping in a dark room trying to adjust her sleep schedule

A good sleep schedule can help you maintain good mental and physical health. However, many nurses reading this might be thinking “Sleep schedule? What’s that?” Shift work can make a consistent sleep schedule near impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get good quality sleep. After all, the time of day is only one… Read more »

New Mindfulness Program Effective for Healthcare Professionals


Stress is common among healthcare workers. The rising levels of burnout in doctors and nurses have raised concerns about how to best support these key members of society. Most healthcare stakeholders agree that it is important that we improve the quality of life and job satisfaction in people working in healthcare, especially healthcare providers who… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Starting a Rewarding Career in Nursing


Whether you’re choosing a college major for the first time, thinking about going back to school, or the coronavirus crisis has inspired you to pursue a rewarding career in healthcare, this short guide will introduce you to the requirements you’ll need to meet in order to land the nursing job of your dreams.   While… Read more »

The Evidence for How Mask Wearing is Protecting Healthcare Workers


As research on COVID-19 and its transmission has accumulated, more stringent guidelines around mask-wearing have come to the fore. The impact of masks on preventing COVID-19 infection was initially debated, but the data show that masks are likely effective in preventing droplets containing the virus from entering our respiratory systems. What does this mean for… Read more »

Top States for Travel Nursing in August 2020


A person sits atop a mountain in Virginia overlooking the landscape and a beautiful sunset

Travel Nursing is a great way to see the entire country while also earning premium wages. It can be exciting but also overwhelming to decide where you might want to go to work.   One of the inconveniences of travel nursing is that you need to be licensed to work in each state. Thus, it… Read more »

Travel Nurse Requirements- Mastering Onboarding


A blank checklist to write out the travel nurse requirements

Among the long list of travel nurse requirements, most nurses can agree that the onboarding and credentialing process is the most tedious.   Kudos to you! Choosing to become a travel nurse is a major decision but you’ve decided it’s the right one for you. Now it’s time to consider the travel nurse requirements; don’t… Read more »

Tips for Finding Travel Nurse Housing


Arial view of a winding road in between a dense forest

Finding Travel Nurse Housing can be one of the most challenging aspects of taking on a travel assignment.   It can be difficult to find short term furnished housing that’s not outrageously priced and it can take a few assignments to really get the hang of how to find housing. Here are some tips to… Read more »

New Data Shows How E-Cigarettes Harm Oral Health


Young red head blows e-cigarette smoke into her face

Since e-cigarettes were introduced in 1990, healthcare professionals have worried that advertising claims that these products offer a healthier alternative to cigarettes may be misleading. Specifically, there has been concern that consumers may have false beliefs about the safety of e-cigarettes.   Of the 6% of electronic cigarette-using Americans, 3 million are high school children,… Read more »