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Tips for Finding Travel Nurse Housing


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Finding Travel Nurse Housing can be one of the most challenging aspects of taking on a travel assignment.   It can be difficult to find short term furnished housing that’s not outrageously priced and it can take a few assignments to really get the hang of how to find housing. Here are some tips to… Read more »

New Data Shows How E-Cigarettes Harm Oral Health


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Since e-cigarettes were introduced in 1990, healthcare professionals have worried that advertising claims that these products offer a healthier alternative to cigarettes may be misleading. Specifically, there has been concern that consumers may have false beliefs about the safety of e-cigarettes.   Of the 6% of electronic cigarette-using Americans, 3 million are high school children,… Read more »

Travel Healthcare – Is it Right for You?


Deciding on a travel healthcare career can be a big decision. I have been working as an Occupational Therapist for about 7 years now, and I LOVE being a travel therapist. For healthcare professionals, there are two main routes you can take in your career. One is the traditional full-time permanent position, the other is… Read more »

The Silver Lining: How COVID-19 Will Improve Support for Nurses


The U.S. deaths related to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) surpassed 100,000 just over a week ago.1 While much of the focus has been on those infected with the virus, there has also been widespread appreciation for the nurses and other healthcare workers who are courageously caring for those with the disease. Importantly, the medical community… Read more »

Two Nurses Describe Their Experience During The COVID-19 Outbreak


As the Coronavirus disease continues to accelerate, New York State has over 32,966 reported cases. The virus which is now considered a global pandemic has completely changed the structure of the world we live in. Many people have lost their jobs due to government shutdowns, and others have been forced into isolation and remote work… Read more »

Meet Your Trusted Team: Kyle Hartl


If you have had the pleasure to work with our Trusted Nurse Staffing Recruiter, Kyle, you will quickly learn one thing: He loves, loves, loves his job. Kyle joined the team in November 2016 after a few months recruiting at a large IT staffing company. Trusted Nurse Staffing’s small yet passionate team size fit perfectly… Read more »

How to Put an End to Procrastination…Today!


by Linda Gregory, BSN   Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines procrastination as the “action of delaying or postponing something”. Personally, I call it the “bane of all evil”. I hate procrastinating and yet, I feel that I am the Queen of Procrastination, the ruler of all tasks postponed, the duchess of “I’ll put off doing something important… Read more »

Our Trusted Travel Nurse of September is….


Sonya Andrus, Travel ER RN!   Sonya has been a Trusted Travel Nurse with us since January 2015. While she is currently working in her home state of Wisconsin, she flew the coop twice to work in warmer areas: Arizona and Hawaii. Sonya has always been open to the adventure and ready for a challenge!… Read more »

Meet Your Trusted Team: Curt Jones


Before joining Trusted Nurse Staffing in May 2016, Curt spent his time in the mental health sector. He earned a Masters in Adolescent Development, worked as a mental health counselor, and juvenile therapist. We are lucky that when Curt moved back home to Buffalo he found a new passion: travel nurse recruiting. What do you… Read more »

Our Trusted Travel Nurse of August is….


Linda Gregory, BSN!   Linda has been a nurse for over 8 years however she just completed her first assignment as a travel nurse in the Postpartum unit. Linda faced every common travel nurse challenge with a positive attitude. Her hospital was using the health records platform, CERNER, which was new to her. She quickly… Read more »