Trusted Managed Services

Trusted Managed Services is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) which offers a customizable and comprehensive solution to your facility’s staffing challenges allowing you to realize cost savings and process efficiencies throughout your contingent workforce utilization.

Reasons to engage with Trusted Managed Services:

  • Looking for better cost control measures amongst your staffing vendors
  • Quicker access to high quality talent
  • Centralize your contingent staffing and save time by simplifying the staffing process
  • Reduce vacancy rates and increase retention
  • Increase program efficiency, accountability, and value
  • Detailed reporting, workforce analytics and insights allowing for more informed contingent labor decisions

Program Highlights


  • Magnit – Best in Class Vendor Management System
  • 360-degree shift management over your healthcare staffing, scheduling, and compliance.
  • Easily customizable around your hospital’s workflows and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems
  • 100% web based – accessible anywhere!

Transparency & Visibility

  • Sophisticated reporting which allows for 24/7 access to real time data surrounding your contingent workforce
  • Utilization, supplier engagement, and statistics by employee “type” can be customized & formatted to your individual preferences

Efficiency, Optimization and Cost Savings

  • Have the full recruitment resources of Trusted Nurse Staffing at your fingertips and access to staffing partners throughout the industry to reduce vacancy rates, drive standardization and improve the overall quality of your contingent workforce.
  • Consolidate billing & payroll along with other workflow efficiencies created by the technology
  • Decrease internal burdens (i.e. time and expenses).
  • Centralize credentialing, billing, job orders, contracting, risk and insurance management for your entire contingent workforce.

Top Notch Customer Service

  • Have the benefit of a workforce consultant to advise on labor trends and custom solutions that will work within your organization
  • A dedicated Trusted Managed Services representative is assigned to each key program area (Payroll/billing, recruitment, credentialing, contracting & insurance).
  • Staffing vendors, contingent labor and internal hiring managers benefit from the streamlined service delivery and technology.

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