Before joining Trusted Nurse Staffing in May 2016, Curt spent his time in the mental health sector. He earned a Masters in Adolescent Development, worked as a mental health counselor, and juvenile therapist. We are lucky that when Curt moved back home to Buffalo he found a new passion: travel nurse recruiting.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like being able to talk to nurses from all over the country. I have nurses traveling all over and share stories with me about their experience, what they are seeing and doing in the area. One of my nurses in Kentucky, is sending me photos of the Smoky Mountains.

That sounds beautiful. Do you travel on your time off?

Yes, my girlfriend and I like to take quick trips around the country. Our most recent trip was to Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC. We are getting ready for another excursion to to Portland, Me at the end of the month.

If you were a travel nurse, which city would you want to work in?

San Diego, Ca. I have never been but I hear great things. I have never heard one bad thing about that city. I knew a nurse doing contract there and she never wanted to leave.


It’s football season. Are you a football fan?

Yep, I am a Dolphins fan.

Wait, what? But you’re from Buffalo!

I know! It definitely makes life a little interesting during the football season. My grandpa was a hardcore Buffalo Bills fan and for fun, I wanted to root for the team he didn’t like, which is the Miami Dolphins. And I played QB in peewee football and liked Dan Marino more than Jim Kelly.

Let’s move on. Haha. What’s your best tip for new travel nurses?

It’s good to take your first assignment close to home. Homesickness is common, so being near your home means that you can get back to take care of issues and see family. Ease into the role to learn if it’s the right fit.

How would you describe the Trusted Nurse Staffing team?

The team is so positive and truly wants to help place nurses. The team likes to reward and applaud hard work. Everyone is supportive and has each other’s back.

“Take your first assignment close to home. Homesickness is common.”

What do you do after work?

I’m on the company volleyball team. We should win the championship this year. After our games, we head to a local brewery like Resurgence for fun “team building” activities. Drinking a Loganberry Whit after a good game certainly hits the spot.

What traits do the best nurses you have worked with share?

Nurses that have integrity and commitment certainly stand out the most. They will tell me exactly where they want to go and what they want in a role. It helps me find the exact opportunity they seek. Also, bonus points for a nurse that consistently gets her timesheets in on time!


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