If you have had the pleasure to work with our Trusted Nurse Staffing Recruiter, Kyle, you will quickly learn one thing: He loves, loves, loves his job. Kyle joined the team in November 2016 after a few months recruiting at a large IT staffing company. Trusted Nurse Staffing’s small yet passionate team size fit perfectly with Kyle’s needs. “I treat every nurse the same way I would like to be treated. And you can only find that style of service at smaller companies.”

Tell me a little more about how you help a nurse going on assignment.

After you accept an assignment, I am your main point of contact at Trusted Nurse Staffing. I help you get acquainted with the facility, secure your insurance enrollment, and finalize your documentations and testings. The amount of required documentation can get overwhelming, so my job is to make sense of it all.

What’s your best tip for new travel nurses?

Be upfront and don’t be afraid to ask me a lot of questions. I know that taking on an assignment is a big commitment, so please ask me anything that matters most to you. For instance, if you think something will be an issue down the road, bring it up initially. The more transparent you are, the better I can help you.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Helping a nurse find a job is incredibly rewarding, it’s what I love most about my job! Everyday I get the chance to build trusting relationships with nurses in all different stages of their lives. It’s so interesting to hear their different aspirations and how I can help them out. It’s always a good feeling to line up the dream job for a nurse.

“It’s always a good feeling to line up the dream job for a nurse”

What about working for Trusted Nurse Staffing?

The Trusted Nurse Staffing team is incredible! I love my team. In our business, we have lots of ups and downs, but being surrounded by a supportive group helps me do my job at the best of my ability. We are coworkers during the day, and friends after work.

Nick, our Director of Recruitment, and Kyle


On your time off, what do you like to do?

I am habitual fan of the TV show, The Office! No matter how many times I watch it it still makes me laugh. Jim is my favorite character, he’s a good guy who works hard and plays hard as well.
When I’m not watching back to back reruns of The Office, I am fishing nearby lakes for bass or pike. I’m a big hockey fan, so in the winter, I spend lots of downtime watching my Buffalo Sabres. Let’s go Buffalo!

Who is the nurse you admire most in your life?

My mom! She has been a PACU nurse at the same hospital her entire career. Having a mom that’s a nurse came with many benefits when I was growing up. I was the youngest of three boys, so naturally, we would get loads of bruises from rough housing. She would whip out her first aid kit to patch us up like a pro. Even as an adult, my mom still helps me with my injuries! But growing up with a nurse mom also came with its drawbacks. If we would fake being sick to stay home from school, she would easily call our bluff.

If you were a travel nurse, which city would you want to work in?

Right now one of my nurses is working in Burlington, Vermont. She sends me photos of the area and it looks absolutely beautiful! I live vicariously through her. Haha.
Burlington seems very quiet with lots of outdoor activities no matter the season. As an avid outdoorsman, this is right up my alley!

What traits do the best nurses you have worked with share?

Transparency and honesty. When I first chat with a nurse, if you are honest and upfront with me it makes my role to find you a job heck of alot easier. If you are open with me the entire process will be much easier and smoother for all of us. I am your career partner, so let me know what’s going on within your life and I will do my best to accommodate.


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