As a travel nurse, keeping track of your 2017 New Year’s resolutions can be very difficult, especially if you were working that night! If you had to grade the progress of your 2017 New Year’s resolutions, what letter grade would you give yourself? When the clock struck midnight and the new 2017 calendars were pinned up in homes across the world, millions of Americans committed to self imposed resolutions. A study from University of Scranton says that 92% of people that make resolutions fail!

“No more chocolate or french fries for me!”
“This year I’m losing 10 pounds!”
“I’m going to get a new nursing assignment in a hot climate!”
“I will never swear again!”

Since we are at the halfway point of 2017, are you ready to be part of the 8% that succeed with their 2017 resolutions? Here are our tips to help you get back on track and meet your 2017 goals with six months to go!

Don’t Be Vague with Your Goals

It’s easy to say “I’m going to lose weight”, but what does that really mean? Be specific with your goal and set a realistic number. It helps to do research to learn how much effort and time it can take for you to reach your goal. If you are looking to lose weight, then find out what is the normal achievable weight loss expected for someone with your body type in 6 months.

Make Things HappenStart Small

It’s okay to have a big goal like losing 15 pounds, but it helps to break down the overarching goal into micro goals. Micro goals are easier to reach and will build your self confidence. As your self confidence increases so should your motivation. You’ll be on a path to achieving your goal in six months flat!

Plan It Out

Now that you have identified your specific goal and broke it down to easy to achieve micro goals, set deadlines to your micro goals. It helps to work backwards from December 31 so that you can truly see what you have to achieve before the holidays come around. Turkey, stuffing, and baked goods – oh my!


Use a Reminder Tool

Life can get hectic and you can lose sight on what your goals were, so we suggest you input your micro goals into a calendar tool and set reminders. Luckily for you there are many reminder/calendar tools available, just choose the one that most fits your lifestyle. Here are the best tools to consider:

  • Email Calendar (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail)
  • Smartphone calendar (which can connect to your email calendar)
  • Apps: Strides (iOS) or Resolutions (Android)
  • Hardcopy daily planner
  • Wall calendar

Make It Public

Once your plan is set, are you willing to let the world know about your 6 month resolution? A post on social media might be the toughest decision because undoubtedly a friend will ask you about your progress the next timyou meet up. But that’s the idea! You may inspire others to join in.

It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable with sharing your resolution on social media. Informing a close friend or family member about your new commitment in private is just as good!

Jot Down Your Achievements!

Give yourself some credit. Change is hard and you should acknowledge all the small wins. Keeping a journal or placing your achievements in your calendar will boost your morale and spirit. Even if you don’t meet your overarching 6 month resolution, at least you can look back and be proud of the micro successes you had along the way.


Now that you are prepped for success, it’s time to get to work on identifying your 2017 midway new year resolutions! The clock is ticking, only 6 months to go, can you do it?! We know you can!


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