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Nurse Licensure Compact


The eNLC (enhanced nurse licensure compact) is a multi-state license that grants the licensee the privilege to practice nursing in all participating compact states as long as they remain a resident of the issuing state.

Benefits of Obtaining a Compact License


Allows for compact license holders to make decisions about which states they would like to practice in quickly and without the burden of needing to obtain a temporary license.

Cost Effective

Nurses are not required to pay fees and take CEUs for each state that they want to work in under the NLC, they are only required to do this in their “home/primary” state.


Allows for nurses to be able to respond quickly to natural disasters or areas in crisis without compromising a state’s licensure safeguarding practices.


The NLC promotes the concept of travel nursing and allows for nurses to have more career opportunities available to them

Distribution of Knowledge

When nurses are able to work in multiple states it allows for a distribution of knowledge, experience and diversity to places that may not have had access otherwise.

What You Will Need to Obtain a Compact License

  • Proof of residence in a compact state
  • Active nursing license in that state (RN or LPN)
  • State Identification (Driver’s License, permit etc)/ Tax Return / Voter Registration Card
  • Meet the Uniform Licensure Requirements
  • Complete the form on your primary state’s BON website to upgrade your license to a compact/multi-state.

Once all the above steps have been completed, your application will be viewed and should be approved between 3 and 7 business days. For more information on the nurse licensure compact visit the NCSBN website.

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