Meet the Team

Aside from our hardworking clinician’s in the field, TNS would not run without it’s dedicated team of internal employees.

Martin Vidal

Chief Executive Officer

Our fearless leader, Martin started Trusted Nurse Staffing in 2008. He built this company from the ground up is responsible for the impeccable reputation and amazing company culture that we live every day. Quite possibly the greatest boss in the history of bosses, he makes sure to listen to every employee (internal and external) and ensure that their voices are heard. In his (very little) spare time he loves playing tennis and spending time with his wife Sondra and their two children Luc and Lyla.

William Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

William, or Billy as most of us call him, has been with Trusted since 2015. He worked his way through the ranks and was promoted to COO in 2020. Trusted as you see it today would not exist without Billy, he has a clear and concise way that he likes to see business operate and makes sure that everyone is following policy and procedure at all times. Although he’s the “rules guy”, you would not be shocked to see him walking around the office telling jokes, socializing, and hanging out with the crew. He does a good job at getting to know everyone in the office and making them feel a part of the team. When he’s not working, you can find him playing video games, hanging out with the boys on the golf course or out for drinks with friends.

Michael O’Leyar

Chief Financial Officer

Michael, or Mo as we call him around the office, has been with Trusted since 2010. He’s the man behind the money and the guy you want to go to for daily motivational quotes. He surely knows them all. If he’s not crunching the numbers behind his desk, he’s out on the tennis court every chance he gets. Once he’s finally worked up an appetite, he’s either out on the town trying all the new trendy restaurants or getting pizza, because (and this is a direct quote) “of all the foods both near and far, pizza is the superstar.”

Jeff Pietrzak

Director of Talent Development and Learning

Jeff has been with Trusted since October of 2020. He has spent most of his career focused on helping others achieve their career goals by providing career development, coaching, and leadership development. Jeff feels very much at home working at Trusted, where he can get to know every employee and share in our fun and dedicated work environment. Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and three children outside of work, usually doing something out in nature. He is also a faithful Bills and Sabres fan and advocates for just about everything that has to do with his hometown of Buffalo, NY.

Paul Fenner, RN

Clinical Director

Pauly Steele (as we call him) started with Trusted in 2012 as a Travel Nurse! He loved Trusted so much that he eventually made the switch from bedside to be our resident clinical director and the company would not be the same without his expertise (or fashion sense). Paul loves outdoor activities like Golf, Kayaking and Tennis but is most known around the office as the guy who throws the best theme parties and has the most ridiculous, fashion forward wardrobe. If you’re ever worried that you’re overdressed, don’t worry because Paul will surely outdo you. He has every color of footwear known to man.

Jessica Mandrino

Marketing Manager

Jess has been with Trusted since 2016 and she started from the bottom now she’s here! As the right-hand woman for our C.E.O. and newly appointed Marketing Manager, Jess makes sure our company maintains a family environment while we grow from a small circle to a full-on brigade. She takes every opportunity to get us out and involved in the community wherever help is needed! If she’s not handling business, or organizing company gatherings, you can catch her with her catchild, Molly, and puppygirl, Anjuna! She comes in clutch when we need a playlist for ANY event/mood, and always has a great recommendation for local eats and treats!

Chelsey Wexler

Operations Supervisor

Chelsey has been with Trusted since 2019 and actually started off in our home health division. She eventually was promoted to operations supervisor where she handles a plethora of tasks among both divisions. A.K.A she is great at multi-tasking. She’s super into crafting and even more into her new rescue dog, Dexter “The good boy” Wexler. If you need a smile just hit up Chelsey for some dog pics, she’s got them.

Recruitment Team

Ron Cantrell

Division Manager

Ron is the head honcho of the travel division and has been with Trusted since 2019. He’s the man responsible for keeping the whole team in line (so he’s got his work cut out for him). He loves hanging out with his son Ace, and golfing in the summer. In the winter he’s likely not missing a football game and is a big San Francisco 49’ers fan even though he’s a Buffalo man. When asked a random fact about himself he says that he was born on the same day and same hour as Prince William. (Random Indeed)

Michael Nicolia

Senior Sales Manager

Mikey is the original recruiter. The OG. He has been with the company since it opened in 2008 and is basically the hilarious uncle to everyone in the office. He often refers to himself as the cellblock leader even though we have a CEO. He is extremely loyal and makes it very clear that he has your back. This is an amazing quality to have in a recruiter and co-worker. If Mikey is laughing, so are you, guaranteed. When he’s not running his book of business like a boss, you can find him talking about sports and listening to Chaka Khan. He also really likes Egyptology which no one knew about him, until right now.

Tim Seel

Team Lead

Tim has been with Trusted since 2016, and actually started on a leap day. Although his work anniversary is only celebrated once every four years, he makes sure that everyone in the office gets their daily dose. You can hear him giving his daily greeting to each department with his famous sign off, “have a great day, make a new friend”. Tim’s warm friendly (and sometimes sarcastic) personality is what makes him a great recruiter, he’s very easy to talk to. When he’s not in the office you will find him out on the golf course. No doubt about it. He might be the best golfer in our office, I’m sure he’d love it if you challenged him to a round. He also loves to travel but hates flying….go figure.

Tom Boquard

Strategic Account Executive

Tom has been with Trusted since 2018, quickly proved himself as a leader and now runs a team of recruiting all stars. On any given day you can ask Tom where the place to eat or drink is, and he will have a laundry list of places to try and reasons why you should go. The man is all over the city of Buffalo and always has the scoop on what to do. In fact, the only time you will be able to pinpoint his whereabouts is during office hours. If you’re interested in some fun stories, Tom has them. He’s even in a youtube viral video that ended up on Tosh.O and MTV’s Ridiculousness (Ask him about it).

Tristan Ernst

Team Lead

Tristan has been with Trusted since 2018 and not only recruits travelers but runs a team of recruiters so they can be successful as well. Tristan’s got a great energy and will put his best foot forward for you. He loves spending time with his wife and adorable son but is also a huge Buffalo Bills and Sabres Fan. He even plays hockey himself. If you really want to see Tristan’s personality shine through, check out his website/ blog/podcast for Trainwreck Sports, where he and his friends give Buffalo the sports coverage it deserves.

Alex McColgin

Team Lead

Alex has been with Trusted since 2018 and is one of our rock star recruiters. He’s probably one of the easiest people in the office to get along with and is always down for a good time. When he’s not making sure his travelers get the best contracts, he travels the country to play volleyball competitively. Alex is one of the guys that is annoyingly good at almost every sport he plays, but he’s extremely humble about it which is why we love him. When he’s at home he likes to hang out with his two dogs, an 8 pound miniature poodle and an 80 pound pit bull.

Kyle Hartl

Team Lead

Kyle has been with Trusted since 2016 and works as recruiter as well as an account manager. His travelers describe him as up front, polite and truthful. We agree but need to add he’s got a great sense of humor. He has that perfect mix of serious and sarcasm that just makes you laugh out loud sometimes. He’s a young guy with an old soul and loves all things “outdoors”. His biggest hobbies are camping and fishing, but he also plays hockey. He plans to visit every national park in the country and has already started making his way through them.

Dan Bernier


Dan has been recruiting with Trusted since 2020. He hails from Massachusetts and is a Patriots fan (but we don’t hold that against him). He loves playing soccer and meeting people from different countries. He’s also really into fitness and running so he is used to going the extra mile, which you know translates into his recruiting style.

Drew Harding

Strategic Account Executive

Drew is the office lumberjack/ outdoor aficionado. He has been with Trusted since the very beginning and not only knows everything there is to know about travel nursing/health but also knows every trick to surviving in the wild (probably). The man can hunt, he can fish, and can do a mean kettlebell swing. Perhaps his greatest quality though, is that he makes a delicious Shephard’s Pie. (and chili). When Drew’s not in the office he’s being a Rockstar dad and all-around good guy.

Greg Buell


Greg has been with Trusted since 2019 and is a jack of all trades. He had his own landscaping business, was a firefighter and was in the army. He loves riding his road bike and can change a flat bike tube in less than 2 minutes. The man works fast, so you know he will be able to get you an assignment in record time. Greg also has his own vegetable garden and makes his own pickles! He really does do it all.

Kara Donner


Kara has been with Trusted as a recruiter since 2019. Kara lives the wilderness life and absolutely loves tent camping. She’s traveled all over just to camp in new places. Her ability to rough it and survive in the wild is a great trait as a recruiter because you know she isn’t scared of a challenge. She is a super sweetheart but will also give it to you straight which is also an awesome quality for someone working in her position. She recently became a dog mom to the sweetest Rottweiler Pup ever, Hank Williams. If you want to smile from ear to ear, just ask her for a photo.

Katie Stuart


Katie has been a recruiter with Trusted since 2020. If she is your recruiter you are a lucky one because not only will she work hard for you but she is so easy to talk to. Good vibes all around. Katie loves to bake and is a huge “Disney freak” in her own words. She’s been to Disney every year since she was 3 years old and even interned there in college. (I checked her Instagram, she’s legit)

Kyle Mackowiak


Kyle has been with Trusted since 2019, and although he’s a horrible golfer (by his own admission) he keeps playing at least twice a week. That dedication to getting better is a quality you want in a recruiter, someone to stick with you no matter what. He’s not a total masochist though, he also enjoys playing volleyball which he is pretty good at and played semi-professional Lacrosse after college. He mostly just eats sushi now though.
Same Kyle, Same.

Neal Smith

Team Lead

Neal has been with Trusted since 2018 and wants me to include that he is quickly rising to the top! What does that mean? We’re not quite sure, but that’s Neal for you… always saying some crazy things. Neal’s a great guy to go to a party with because he’s a lot of fun, but don’t let that trick you into thinking he’s not a hard worker. He puts in the hours and then some. He loves the Buffalo Bills and is a season ticket holder. It’s a guarantee that he’ll be at every home game tailgating on a Sunday Morning (probably listening to some WuTang Clan). If you’re watching or talking sports with him, expect him to ask you to place a friendly wager.

Shane Berger


Shane has been on the trusted team as a recruiter since 2019. He’s got an outgoing personality and will be happy to tell you about some of his crazy stories. For example, how he has been an extra in not 1 but several Hollywood movies like Pitch Perfect 2, Jurassic World and Terminator Genesys. Most interesting man in the world? He very well could be…. When he’s taking a break from his celeb status, he likes to play volleyball and do anything active.

Wanya Bruce


Wan has been recruiting with Trusted since late 2020. A Rochester native originally, he made the move down to Buffalo for College and decided he was going to make it his home. He loves sports, especially basketball. He even coaches youth basketball. He likes spending his free time with his friends, his pup Astro and volunteering. A weird fact about Wan is that he has never eaten Macaroni n’ Cheese, which makes sense because he doesn’t like cheese in general. We’ve decided to overlook this character flaw for an otherwise awesome guy.

Andrew Eggleston


Andrew or Egg as he’s known around the office has been with Trusted since 2020. A fun fact about Egg is that he can run a 5k in less than 23 minutes which means he can work just as fast to get you on your next travel assignment. He loves watching football and soccer, enjoys fishing and camping and has great taste in music. With so many interests he’s a guy you can talk to about anything whether it be work related or just for fun.

Emily Violanti


Emily has been recruiting with Trusted since 2020. So far in her time here she has proven to be a recruiter that works hard for her travelers and always go the extra mile for them. In her spare time, she loves to workout and make special dishes with her family. She makes homemade pierogis with her mom and claims they are the best in town and recently shared some homemade biscotti with the office that she made with her dad. If her career in recruiting doesn’t work out, we plan to keep her on as the resident chef.

Ben Madafferi


Ben has been with Trusted since the beginning of 2021 as a recruiter. He always shows up to the office looking fresh, which probably has something to do with the fact that he started his own clothing line “Just Dishin” with his best friend from high school. Ben will take this entrepreneurial spirit and help you take your travel career to the next level. In his spare time, he likes to play hockey and golf, make mixes, and occasionally even likes to produce his own music. Some people really can just do it all.

Steve Padin


Steve has been with Trusted since the beginning of 2021. He loves all things music and even plays in a pretty famous local band. He also loves skiing, reading, thrifting and yoga. Steve take’s his zen from yoga class and translates it into his work for his travelers. Any issue you may have he will be able to calmly handle it without making you feel stressed out. What a relief! Although he loves the reality of working for Trusted Nurse Staffing, he also wants to test out living in an alternate universe like Narnia, Middle Earth, Hogwarts or Perelandra.

Elyssabeth Roetzer


Elyssabeth has been recruiting with Trusted since 2020. She has years of experience in customer service, and it translates heavily into her recruiting style. This girl has been known to be work hard even after hours and isn’t afraid to put up a fight to get her travelers the best contracts possible. In her spare time Elyssabeth loves to do her own nails, cuddle with her cat Bella who is her bestie, and hang with friends and family.

Nick Dillon


Nick has been with Trusted since late 2020. He played rugby in college and still plays today so he will be able to apply these rules to working with his travelers. He will always be “onsides” of his travelers, “try” hard for them and take an active part of getting them to their “goal”. As a child Nick was a fisher price model and although the modeling career didn’t take off, he still has some pretty cute pictures to show for it. In his spare time, he likes learning about Architecture and hanging out with his lifelong friends.

Business Development Team

Nick Morin

Director of Sales

Nick has been with Trusted since 2014. He started his career with us as a recruiter and eventually worked his way up to the DOS position. Nick is responsible for bringing on most of the hospitals that Trusted partners with and has helped make it so that we have positions for our travelers in all 50 states! You can find him in the office M-F sending out our open jobs to the pit and talking stocks with anyone who will listen. When he’s not in the office he enjoys going to garage sales, antique shows and would always be down for a good open bar karaoke night.

Kelly Giallella

Business Development Representative

Kelly’s been with Trusted since 2019 and she has been an awesome addition! 1 half of our amazing bizdev team, she is constantly scouring the country to find new hospitals for our travelers to work in. When she’s not in the office she needs to be outdoors! She loves running, hiking, and taking care of her bees. Yep you heard that right, we have our very own Trusted Beekeeper.

Compliance Team

Sareina Vega

Compliance Team Lead

Sareina started working with Trusted as a compliance associate in 2018 with our home health division and she was promoted to Compliance Manager in 2020! She now oversees two divisions which might seem like a large feat, but as a mother of 4 small children, she’s used to being on her toes. Sareina’ s personable demeanor and ability to spearhead new projects is what makes her a good manager, you can find her bridging the gap between compliance and the recruitment department each week with a smile on her face. Outside of work she loves taking random road trips, especially if she ends up by the water.

Emma Balcom

Compliance Associate

Emma has been with Trusted since 2018 and has worked in both the recruiting and compliance departments, so you can say she knows her stuff. This girl is the queen of “double checking” and making sure things are done correctly so it is only fitting that she would be in charge of getting travelers compliant for their new assignments. You can guarantee that when working with Emma, your credentials will never lapse, and you will always start on time. When she’s not cracking the compliance whip, she’s hanging out by her pool and playing with her dog Cooper. She’s a big animal lover and loves the outdoors. Emma is always scrolling Instagram for the best memes to share to give you a laugh.

Maggie Drier

Compliance Associate

Maggie has been with Trusted since 2019 and is an awesome and unique addition to our compliance team. She’s a sweetheart to talk and has a great laugh which can ease your tensions while working on your compliance. While onboarding her candidates she likes to listen to the peaceful sounds of heavy metal, eats weird snacks at her desk (like Slim Jim’s and French Onion Dip) and always has beverage with her. Outside of work she enjoys traveling to see the Chicago Cubs play at different ball parks and is irrationally afraid of snakes.

Payroll/Administration Team

Miracle Rodriguez

Quality Assurance Representative

Miracle has been with Trusted since 2020 and is the first face you see when you walk in our front doors. She’s the sweet voice that answers our phones and the one who keeps us all happy by ordering our weekly snacks. #averyimportantperson. She is in cosmetology school right now because she loves making people look beautiful and she wants you to know she’s not like a regular dog mom, she’s a cool dog mom (to a baby shih-tzu named sunshine). Sunshine and Miracle, how cute is that.

Katie Sima

Payroll Supervisor

Katie has been with Trusted since 2018 and is part of the dream team that makes sure our travelers get paid! #nobigdeal. She has been known to bring in some delicious baked goods for no reason at all which are usually gone before lunch. Think cheesecakes, and cookies and muffins oh my! No, she can’t whistle but what she can do is paint her own nails and have them look like they were professionally done, which if we’re talking about it, is a better talent anyway.

Adam Smithson

Sourcing Specialist

Adam has been with Trusted since 2019 and works to vet candidates before they are contacted by our recruiters. He is always good for some deadpan humor and is known for sending random skype messages that you will be either pondering or laughing about for days. He loves reading, taking free online classes, and visiting small towns. You could also say he loves a good meal; he once successfully ate a 72 oz steak for a free meal and (extremely) oversized t-shirt.

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