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Loyalty Program

Trusted Nurse Staffing is pleased to bring you the loyalty rewards program. As your employment continues with TNS, you will accumulate points upon the successful completion of each consecutive assignment (Outlined Below). Once earned, your bonus points can be redeemed for a special gift through the Awardco Platform, or you can save them to redeem later. The more assignments you work the more points you earn.

Points accrue according to the system below:

for 1st 13-week assignment

for 2nd 13-week assignment

for 3rd 13-week assignment

for 4th 13-week assignment

for 5th or greater 13-week assignment

Shorter Assignments will accrue points, however at a lesser point rate:

for an 8-week assignment

for a 6-week assignment

  • Any employee that does not successfully complete their assignment (i.e cancellation or termination) is not eligible to receive points for that assignment.
  • Any employee that is terminated from Trusted Nurse Staffing, forfeits all points.
  • Trusted Nurse Staffing reserves the right to withhold points for any reason they deem necessary.
  • To be eligible to accrue points, the employee must work the assignments consecutively meaning there is a gap of 30 days or less between the end of one assignment to the beginning of the next.
  • If an employee works an assignment and does not have the next assignment lined up, the points must be redeemed within 30 days of their end date or they forfeit those points.
  • You must maintain compliance in order to be eligible for the rewards program. Any employee who falls out of compliance according to Trusted Nurse Staffing and Joint Commission standards will lose all points accrued for their current assignment and be unable to accrue again until the next assignment.


How do I access my loyalty points?
Upon completion of each assignment, you will receive an email awarding you the points that you have earned for that assignment. The sender will be, if you do not see the email please check your spam/junk folders.

If you still do not see it please visit and type in the email you have on file with TNS then click forgot your password, you will be able to reset your password in log in that way.

I don’t have enough points for the item that I want, can I purchase additional points?
Unfortunately, there is no way to purchase additional points through the Awardco platform. You will need to select an item that falls within the points budget you have or save your points until you have more to spend.
What can I buy through Awardco?

E-gift cards, tickets and hotel stays, plus anything you can buy from an Amazon verified professional account. There are over one million items in the Awardco platform. Clothes, shoes, appliances, gadgets, books… you name it! 

When will I receive my login information and loyalty points?
Your points should be awarded to you within one week of your assignment ending. If you just started an assignment, you would not receive a login until the end of your assignment.
Do my points roll over?
Your points will roll over as long as you are continuously on assignment with TNS (no gap greater than 30 days). If you do not have a new assignment lined up, then you will need to spend your points within 30 days of your assignment’s end date.
Is there an expiration date for the points?
As long as you are consistently working then no, if you have completed an assignment and do not plan to move forward with another then you have 30 days to spend your points.
I have worked with Trusted for years, but I only have X amount of points, why is this?
This program started in February 2021, all assignments prior to this were not eligible for the loyalty program.