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FAQ | Trusted Nurse Staffing

What is Pronto?

Pronto is our job search built by the experienced professionals at Trusted Nurse Staffing—the same people who have been staffing nurses and allied healthcare professionals for over 15 years. We are an award-winning nurse staffing agency, earning industry recognition for our high standards of excellence and ongoing commitment to service. With Pronto, we’ve taken all the hassle out of the traditional recruitment process so you can focus on what matters most: finding a job you love and taking control of your career on your own terms.

What are your hours?

Our office is open from 9am- 5pm EST, however your recruiter will likely be available to you 24/7. We also have an after-hours messaging service, if you dial 877-853-5010 and leave a message someone will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Where do you have assignments?

We currently offer positions in all 50 states and are gaining new facilities constantly. If you are looking to travel within the U.S we can find you the right position.

When I start a new assignment, who is my employer?

While you will be working and reporting to the facility, Trusted will be your employer.

How does your pay work?

You will get paid weekly and can choose direct deposit or live check. We also have a payroll app and website where you can easily view your paystubs, change your address, and view your year-end tax documents with ease.

How much experience do I need?

You will need at least 1 year of experience in your specialty in a hospital setting, however most facilities require 2+ years of experience. Travel experience is preferred, but if you have a few years as a staff nurse/ HCP under your belt you will likely still be a good candidate for traveling!

How much training do I receive?

This is all facility specific. Each facility will have their own tailored orientation program for travelers that could range from a day or two to a week. This is why experience is key to becoming a traveler. We suggest discussing with your recruiter up front your level of comfort moving into a new facility, from there they can help you to pick and choose assignments that have the appropriate amount of training or patient ratios for you to succeed.

How long are the contracts?

The typical contract length is 13 weeks however we do offer shorter contracts between 6-10 weeks depending on a facility’s needs. On rare occasions we have seen even shorter contracts, like 4 weeks or longer than 13 weeks come available. If you are looking for a specific contract length, we suggest reaching out to a recruiter to discuss specific opportunities.

Can I take time off?

Yes, however because you are a contracted employee you will need to negotiate this time off up front with the facility before you sign your service agreement.

Can I take time off between assignments?

Of course! This is one of the greatest benefits of being a travel nurse. You deserve a vacation after the work you put in though, it is important to keep in mind that facilities are always looking for travelers with recent experience so, depending on your career goals that may be a factor in determining how long of a break you plan to take.

Do you offer benefits?

Yes! We offer health, dental, vision and more. Please refer to our benefits page

I’m interested in a position, what are the next steps?

You will work with your recruiter who will help you to custom tailor your resume to the position you are interested in. From there, you will need to provide 2 supervisor references, complete a skills checklist, and figure out which days off (if any) you want them to include in the submission.

What is the interview process like?

The interview process is typically quick and will take place on the phone. This is the time for the nurse manager to see if they think you will be a good fit for the position but it is also time for you to ask your specific questions about the hospital and unit. Patient ratios, length of orientation and scrub colors would be good things to gather in this interview. Remember preparation is key. If you feel as if you are not ready for an interview, bring this up with your recruiter and they can sit down and prepare with you.

I got offered the position, now what?

The first thing you should do is call your recruiter and go over the details with them to ensure that everything was recorded and offered properly. Once the offer details have been confirmed, you will sign the contract and begin the compliance process.

What is the compliance process like?

Your designated compliance associate will reach out to you within 24 hours of you signing your contract. They will formulate a game plan with you and send you a checklist of items that need to be completed. Your initial call with the compliance associate is where you will work out your timeline, due date, any appointments you will need as well as the order of which things should be completed. If you have a long list of compliance items to be completed, don’t worry! Just make sure to stay in communication with your associate and they will give you step by step instructions on how to successfully make it through. They will also set up any appointments you may need and Trusted will pay for all medical and any certifications needed during this process.

What do I do when my contract comes to an end?

Make sure to communicate with your recruiter what you want. They will be working for YOU, so don’t be shy when it comes to letting them know how you are feeling. Approximately 4 weeks before your assignment ends, you will decide if you want to extend at your current facility, explore new opportunities or take a break. You decide what to do, and your recruiter will make it happen.

Do you offer Bonuses?

Yes, we have referral bonuses, completion bonuses and sign on bonuses. You can discuss these with your recruiter!

What is the difference between a local and travel contract?

To be considered a travel contract and receive housing and meal stipends, you will need to work at a facility greater than 50 miles from your permanent tax residence which results in a duplication of expenses for things like rent, utilities, meals etc. Local contracts are within 50 miles, however, typically still have higher pay rates than staff jobs.

What if I am on an assignment and decide it is not for me?

We realize that not every job is a good fit for you, sometimes you do not know that until you have tried the position. If you are on an assignment and find it is not going to work for you, we will ask that you contact us immediately. You may be asked to stay at an assignment long enough for us to find a replacement, but we will attempt to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. As with any interaction, communication is the key. We expect open communication from our field employees, and they can expect the same from the TNS office.

I’m going from a staff job to traveling, how will this affect my taxes?

We always recommend speaking to a tax professional.