8 Outside-the-Box Ways for Travel Nurses to Boost Self-Care | Trusted Nurse Staffing 987839088534212 [9:30 AM] Katie Iglewski

In the United States, an estimated 52.9 million adults have some form of mental illness. According to the CDC, 50 percent of Americans will have a diagnosable mental disorder throughout their lifetime. It’s important to note that anxiety, a common ailment in these uncertain times, can curtail personal and professional growth, which calls for strategies to cope. Fortunately, it’s possible to improve your mental health with action. Trusted Nurse Staffing shares eight out-the-box ways for travel nurses to boost self-care.



Have “Unplugged” Days

While smartphones can provide people with benefits, they often come with drawbacks, too. An onslaught of notifications and high use of social media may harm mental health, leading to symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Healthline points out that notifications and a non-stop influx of information can ignite the stress activation system. By unplugging regularly, it’s possible to eliminate that potential source of stress for a period, giving you a reprieve. Plus, it can help you focus more on the moment, allowing you to fully enjoy other activities during that time.

Clean Your Home

When you see a sink full of dirty dishes, it isn’t uncommon to experience a mood drop. The same can go for built-up dust, clutter, and more. As a result, cleaning your home can help you boost your mental health. Also incorporate a few houseplants to let in a little Mother Nature and purify the air you breathe (see tip no. 4 below). Your space will feel fresh and under control, giving your spirit a lift.

Improve Your Physical Health

Boosting your physical health can have a positive impact on you mentally. When you believe that your body is strong and capable, that can bolster your confidence. Plus, exercise – a standard part of tending to your physical health – is beneficial for your physical and mental health. The same can be true of proper nutrition.

Crystal healing is another avenue worth exploring if you want to improve your physical health. By taking crystal healing courses, you not only get to experience the potential benefits first-hand, but you can learn how to help others heal, and that can be incredibly rewarding, too.

Plant a Small Herb Garden

Plants can improve well-being. If you’re looking for an easy way to boost your mental health, consider planting a small windowsill herb garden. Herbs tend to grow quickly and are usually lower maintenance. As a result, you get the benefits of caring for plants without as much work, all while giving yourself access to fresh herbs for cooking.

Post Motivational Quotes Everywhere

If you want to sprinkle your home or office with quick pick-me-ups, post your favorite motivational quotes in various areas. Have one attached to your mirror, one in a desk drawer, and one in your lunchbox, for example. That way, you’ll get to experience them throughout your day.

Try a Quick Scream

While it might not seem like it would benefit your mental health, a quick scream can be pretty cathartic. It lets you release stress and frustration in a short burst. Just make sure you choose a private, reasonably soundproof location before you give it a try.

Stay In Touch

Travel nurses are busy professionals, especially in this day and age. Overtime is common, and being away from home makes it easy to negate a social life – if even a limited one – and a good work-life balance. Be sure to schedule time to keep in touch with family and friends, whether it’s via a phone call, text, or video chat. You don’t want to lose yourself in work while losing connections that matter most.

Try a Worry Stone

If you’re prone to anxiety, a worry stone may be a simple way to reduce stress. Mainly, worry stones are soothing devices, allowing you to have a pleasant, calming, and centering experience. Plus, most fit in your pocket, making them accessible whenever the need arises.

Take these tips to heart and give your self-care a healthy boost. Now is the time it matters most, as you want to stay healthy – mentally and physically – so you can care for others.


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