Refer a Facility

The contract referral program intends to reward candidates for referring facilities to work with Trusted Nurse Staffing.

A facility may be classified as a referral for an employee if they provide the following information to their Recruiter and/or Account Manager in an email:

  • Name and contact information for someone within the referred facility that can assist Trusted Nurse Staffing with obtaining a service contact.

The employee is eligible for a payout if their referral leads to the execution of a service agreement with the facility.

The payout is as follows:

bonus when a contract is executed

bonus for each consecutive candidate assignment

Bonuses will only be paid out on assignments that have been completed in full

The bonus period begins: The date our contract is executed with the facility

The bonus period ends: One year from the contract execution date.

  • Bonuses will not be paid out after the bonus period has ended. (No exceptions)
  • If multiple employees refer the same facility, eligibility will be determined by the time-stamped email sent to the Recruiter and/or Account Manager at the time of referral.
  • Bonuses will be paid out at the completion of each successful assignment (up to 5 assignments) within the bonus period.

Refer a Facility