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You have a passion for caring for mothers and babies. From providing mommas with the correct medication to ensuring that the baby is doing well in utero, antepartum nurses are on-the-ground warriors when it comes to caring for high-risk pregnancy cases. 

But can antepartum nurses travel? What does it look like to be an antepartum travel nurse? Today we will dive into all of this and much more. 

Keep reading to find out what antepartum nurses do, where they work, and why antepartum travel nursing might just be an excellent fit for you. 


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What Is Antepartum Travel Nursing?

Unlike other mother-and-baby-care nursing specialties, antepartum nursing is all about caring for the mother and baby before birth. Antepartum nurses manage high-risk pregnancies in an in-patient setting. 

An antepartum travel nurse helps to care for complicated pregnancies that are not yet ready to be born. This could be because the mother is experiencing issues or the baby’s health is not up to par. These nurses provide specialized care to ensure optimal quality of life for both mother and baby. This is different from other specialties such as L&D or neonatal nursing, where the focus is on caring for the mother and baby during labor or for babies after birth.


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Common Responsibilities of an Antepartum Nurse

So, what exactly do you do as an antepartum travel nurse? Many things. From caring for mothers to monitoring baby’s health, there is always something to keep you busy in antepartum care. Let’s dive into the specifics.


Bedside Care

Mothers in antepartum units face some of their worst fears head-on. They wrestle with the worries and anxieties that come from being hospitalized for pregnancy-related issues. 

Your first and most important task is taking excellent, holistic care of mom and baby. You’re there for your patient, helping them navigate this time in their life. You’re offering practical assistance with things such as:

  • Medication
  • Bathroom/grooming needs
  • Emotional care
  • Nutritional needs

Your care sets the tone for your patient’s experience and you can make a world of difference simply by being there for them. 


Patient Assessment and Fetal Monitoring

In high-risk pregnancies, staying on top of patient assessments is vital. As an antepartum nurse, you’re tasked with ensuring that momma is doing well. You’ll perform wellness checks and assessments to check on the various issues she may be facing. 

You’re also responsible for fetal monitoring. You’ll use a variety of methods to assess the baby’s health and make sure it is receiving the care it needs. 


Patient Education

Imagine you’re a pregnant mother who was just checked into an antepartum unit. You came into the hospital because you knew something was wrong. Maybe you felt pain or were unexpectedly bleeding. 

Maybe you’ve known your pregnancy is high-risk from the start and the risks are becoming more dangerous. How are you feeling right now as you sit in that hospital bed? 

You’re probably afraid. Perhaps unsure and confused. You’re likely stressed and worried about both your and your baby’s health. You may be feeling alone and isolated. 

Now imagine that you have a caring, competent nurse beside you, gently explaining your diagnosis and walking you through your care plan. They ensure that your questions are answered and that your needs are met. When you have a question about your medications, they are happy to offer detailed answers.

They lend a listening ear and make sure that, by the time they leave your room, you have all the information you need. That is the power of a skilled antepartum travel nurse who knows how to communicate well with their patients. 


Medication Administration

All nurses are responsible for medication administration but antepartum nurses will need to give out more high-risk pregnancy-related medications. 

Some of these include:

  • IV Magnesium Sulfate
  • Insulin
  • Heparin 
  • Labetalol 


What Types of Conditions Will an Antepartum Travel Nurse See on the Job?

Antepartum travel nurses work with a variety of conditions. Their entire purpose is to care for moms and babies during high-risk pregnancies. Some factors for high-risk pregnancies are:

  • Multiple babies (such as twins, triplets, and beyond)
  • Preterm labor
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension (pre-eclampsia)
  • Chronic hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Premature rupture of membranes
  • Weakened or incompetent cervix
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Post-surgical complications

Additionally, some pregnancies are high-risk from the beginning, such as those where advanced age, obesity, and birth defects are present. 


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What Qualities Make an Antepartum Nurse Successful?

An antepartum nurse needs to thrive in high-pressure, fast-paced, stressful environments. They need to be excellent at caring for patients who are scared, worried, and in pain. 

A good antepartum travel nurse communicates clearly and often with the patient, letting them know what is happening, when, and why to alleviate as many anxieties as possible. 

Antepartum nurses should be compassionate and open-minded. During their contracts, they will work with families of various cultural and religious backgrounds. They may come across practices they aren’t familiar with or they may find some patients prefer to modify some procedures to better fit their personal preferences. 

When the safety of the patient is not compromised, a good nurse does all that is possible to ensure that their patient is comfortable with everything that is happening. Making room for religious and cultural needs has even been linked to better patient outcomes.  

Antepartum nurses also need to be decisive and confident. Their patients are relying on them for high-level care and a good nurse instills confidence and comfort in their patients. 


Where Do Antepartum Travel Nurses Work?

The most common setting for an antepartum travel nurse is a hospital, specifically in an antepartum unit. However, many hospitals do not have dedicated APUs so an antepartum nurse may work as part of the labor and delivery team instead. While antepartum nurses and L&D nurses are not the same thing, there is a level of cross-over in the work that they do. 

Some larger cities are home to birthing centers and dedicated women’s hospitals. These are often common facilities for antepartum nurses to work in. 


Who Do Antepartum Nurses Work Alongside?

Antepartum nurses can expect to work alongside all members of an L&D team as well as OB/GYNs. They’ll spend their days with other antepartum nurses. 

Of course, based on various patient needs, an antepartum nurse can expect to interact with various other specialties. For instance, patients with heart problems will need care from cardio teams. A mother with diabetes may need support from an endocrinologist. 

As an antepartum nurse, it is your job to work well with all of your patient’s providers to ensure they have the safest, smoothest, most comfortable pregnancy possible. 


How Long Are Antepartum Travel Nursing Assignments?

Much like other travel nursing assignments, most antepartum assignments last 13 weeks. But there is often the chance to extend your contract if you enjoy your current location. 

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we live to pair our nurses with facilities that value them, treat them well, and where they feel they can thrive. When our nurses find a location they love, we work hard to enable them to stay there longer. 


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How Much Can an Antepartum Travel Nurse Make?

Travel nursing is well known for being a lucrative industry. The average travel nurse has an hourly income of roughly $50. 

Travel nurses with higher-need specialties, such as antepartum nursing, can expect to make more than some other nurses. Every contract is different and compensation can vary based on factors like:

  • Your experience
  • The state in which your contract hospital is located
  • Hospital needs
  • Which travel nursing agency you work with


How To Become a Travel Nurse Specializing in Antepartum Care

Due to the sensitive and specialized nature of the work, antepartum nurses often need different training and certifications than other nurses. 

Many assignments will require mother-and-baby-specific certifications and experience. Being licensed as an RNC-OB is often required and experience in obstetrics is almost always a must. 

There are various courses and trainings you can complete to ensure you are ready for life as an antepartum nurse. At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we are committed to making sure you have access to the things you need to be the best you can be. We can help you find the fit that works for you. 


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Find an Antepartum Travel Nursing Position With Trusted Nurse Staffing

Antepartum travel nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling career for many nurses. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of expectant mothers and bring the next generation into the world? Trusted Nurse Staffing can help you find a great antepartum travel nurse assignment. 

Trusted Nurse Staffing is an award-winning agency dedicated to helping our nurses thrive. We work hard to find the absolute best fit for both our nurses and the facilities we partner with. Here, we do things differently. You aren’t just a face in a sea of thousands. 

As a nurse with us, you can expect exceptional benefits and a team committed to making sure you have everything you need. 


Trusted Nurse Staffing Benefits

From your very first contract day, you have access to our comprehensive benefits package, which includes:

  • Retirement and insurance plans
  • Certification, license, and CEU reimbursements
  • Comprehensive healthcare benefits
  • Competitive pay with plenty of bonus opportunities (such as sign-on, completion, and referral bonuses)
  • Housing, meal, and travel stipends 
  • Your own, personal support team to assist with everything from payroll to clinical support and compliance. 

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, you have 24/7 support from caring professionals and experts. When you call, you don’t just get an automated message promising a call-back that may or may not ever come. You get a real-live person who is ready to help you and offer the support you need. You have an entire team dedicated to your success and well-being while on contract. 


Trusted Nurse Staffing’s Referral Bonus Program

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we know that you, our nurses, are our greatest asset. We are always looking to build our team and bring on more incredible nurses.

Do you know a nurse who could be an excellent fit for a Trusted Nurse Staffing contract? We’re willing to pay you $1,500 once they complete their first contract! This is just another way we like to say ‘thank you.’  

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