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Buffalo Mass Shooting Tragedy

In response to the racist hate crime that occurred at Tops Friendly Market on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, NY on Saturday, May 14 we have created a resource guide for those looking to get involved or need assistance.

These listed organizations will help provide food, mental health, and monetary support for those affected by this tragic shooting.


For anyone looking to donate to help the families directly impacted by the shooting, see verified organization below:

Will provide direct financial assistance to the survivors of the deceased and those directly affected by this tragedy.

For those looking to support food distribution in the Buffalo communities most impacted by the tragic events see below.

FeedMore – 91 Holt, Buffalo, NY 14206

Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm and Saturday 8 am – 12noon

Non-perishable protein items, shelf-stable fruits and vegetables, beverages, snacks, toilet paper, personal care items, and diapers

Food Donations – please make donations in reusable bags and check Instagram accounts for the most up to date needs


Mental Health

Overcoming Racism