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Are you looking for great gift ideas for travel nurses? 

It can be hard to know what to get that special nurse in your life. 

Here at Trusted Nurse Staffing, we know a thing or two about travel nurses and what they appreciate when it comes to gifts. 

This gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for the travel nurse in your life. 

Read on to discover the three most important things to consider when it comes to buying a great gift for a travel nurse, as well as what travel nurses really want. 



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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Gifts for Traveling Nurses

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your favorite travel nurse, there is one key thing you should know — there is no universal perfect gift. Every nurse is different and no two assignments are the same. 

Before you tie up the ribbon you should be sure to consider three things: your nurse, their assignment, and their location. 




#1: The Nurse

Before buying a gift, think about the travel nurse you are buying for. Are they the chill, get off work and settle in with a good book and a bottle pinot type? Or do they already have three camping trips on the calendar next month? 

Maybe your travel nurse is a city dweller with an affinity for fine dining and exploring the best of what their city has to offer. 

You wouldn’t want to get a food delivery subscription for someone who prefers to cook or an Amazon gift card for someone who only shops locally. 

Step one to finding the best gift for travel nurses is to know your specific nurse. 

#2: Length of Assignment

Once you think through who your nurse is and what types of things suit them, it is time to consider how long they will be on their current assignment. 

If they are only gone for a few months, taking a trip to see them might not make as much sense as gifting them a spa day.

But if they are on a year-long assignment, seeing a familiar face and spending time with someone they love will likely mean the world to them. 

So, step one, know your travel nurse. Step two, know how long their assignment is. 

#3: Location

The old adage “location, location, location” isn’t just for realtors. Knowing and considering the location of your travel nurse’s assignment is paramount to finding the perfect gift. 

A pair of high-quality, super warm gloves make a great gift … but not if they are in Florida in July. A voucher for surfing lessons offers a fantastic way to take a break and learn something new… but not if they are in New England in February. 

When thinking through your travel nurses location, be sure to consider:

  • The type of town/city
  • Popular activities in the area
  • The current season
  • Typical weather patterns

10 Types of Gifts for the Traveling Nurses in Your Life

Every travel nurse is different and finding great gifts for traveling nurses is not always easy. However, with a little bit of help, you can find a fantastic gift that will leave your favorite travel nurse feeling loved, appreciated, and a little extra special. 

#1: Experiences

Travel nursing doesn’t usually attract the quiet homebody type. Many travel nurses are out there seeking excitement and adventure. 

Every new assignment is a new chance to explore another city and culture! With a hunger for adventure coursing through their veins, many travel nurses are looking for exciting new experiences. 

So why not scratch the itch and give them an experience in their new city? 

Some great experience gifts could include:

  • Tickets to a local museum
  • A gift certificate for an exclusive local restaurant
  • Tickets for a local event such as an opera, ballet, theatrical performance, or concert
  • A few days away at a resort or condo, if the location offers them


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#2: Travel Savvy

Travel nurses live on the go, often moving every eight weeks or so. This means that, although they are pretty good at packing and moving, they can always use something to make the job easier. 

Consider gifts that make traveling more simple such as:

  • Packing cubes
  • Vacuum seal bags
  • Airline approved toiletry kits
  • Travel vouchers for hotels, trains, and flights

#3: For the Home

Especially when just starting out, travel nurses often appreciate a few decorative touches for their temporary homes. Travel nurses typically receive housing stipends but, depending on the location and length of the assignment, housing can be fairly basic. 

Consider gifting a decorative item such as:

  • A cute bathroom candle
  • An impossible to kill houseplant such as a snake plant, ZZ plant, or air plant
  • Fun, unique dish towels
  • Fun throw pillow covers

If you go for a decor piece, be sure to consider your giftee’s personal style and decor preferences. 

While it might seem overrated, basic essentials can make great gifts for travel nurses. (Check out this packing list for travel nurses!) 

For instance, you could give them:

  • Luxurious, fluffy bath towels
  • A great dish set
  • A set of high-quality sheets
  • A gift card to somewhere like Target or Ikea 

#4: Space Savers

Some travel nurses either live together or take full advantage of the nomadic lifestyle with an RV or tiny house. Space-saving essentials make great gift options for these minimalist nurses. 

If you have a space-conscious travel nurse in your life, consider buying them:

  • An Instant Pot to make delicious, one-pot meals
  • A high-quality insulated mug or tumbler to keep that morning coffee hot for the whole day
  • A toiletry bag with a hanger so that they can hang it from the bathroom doorknob
  • Compact hangers
  • Closet organizers
  • Under-bed storage solutions




#5: Relaxation and Pampering

From hours on their feet to early mornings and late nights, travel nurses often need a bit of R&R. 

Give the gift of relaxation with something like: 

  • A voucher for a massage
  • A spa day
  • A gift basket with foot and hand care products (and some chocolate!)
  • A fancy bubble bath
  • A luxurious robe and some cozy slippers
  • Subscriptions such as Audible, Netflix, or Disney+

#6: Practical

What do you get for the nurse who has everything? How about the one that truly loves their job more than anything else? 

Practical, job-related gifts are a great way to show love and care. Some great options include:

  • New scrubs — or a gift card to their favorite scrubs company
  • A gift card for new, nurse-friendly shoes
  • A handy badge clip
  • A personalized stethoscope ID tag
  • Blue light glasses
  • A new watch

#7: Food and Drink

Reaching the end of a long shift and realizing you have to make — or go pick up — dinner is the worst feeling. 

Help your favorite travel nurse avoid this conundrum with food and drink-related gifts like:

  • UberEats gift cards
  • Certificates for local restaurants
  • Easy-prep meal services

Sometimes missing the taste of home is the toughest part of being away. 

Offer some chicken soup for the homesick soul with gifts such as:

  • A book of favorite recipes from home
  • That one specific jam only available at the local farmers market
  • A rain check for dinner with you at their favorite local restaurant back home


gifts for travel nurses


#8: Personalized

Sometimes a little sentimental value is just what someone needs.

Having photos of loved ones and little reminders of home scattered throughout an apartment can take it from lonely to lovely in the blink of an eye. 

 Consider a personalized gift such as:

  • A photo mug or tumbler
  • A photo blanket
  • Small frames with meaningful photos
  • A nice, personalized travel journal
  • A photo book full of special memories of the two of you

#9: Sleep

When you work 24+ hour shifts on the regular, your sleep schedule tends to fly out the window. This can make it tough to fall asleep and get your body to actually rest. For nurses, not getting enough sleep is a frequent — and significant — issue. 

Help the travel nurse in your life get some high-quality sleep with sleep-related gifts such as:

  • Blackout curtains
  • A weighted blanket
  • An ergonomically designed pillow
  • A good white noise machine
  • A contoured eye mask to help keep out those early morning rays

#10: Companionship

Despite the glamour of travel, constantly moving around can get lonely. Offer the gift of companionship with a thoughtful gift like:

  • A visit from you
  • A furry friend — find great dog breeds for travel nurses
  • A plane ticket home for the holidays
  • A mini webcam
  • A new iPad to make those oh-so-special video calls even better
  • A Bluetooth headset so they can talk without sharing the conversation with everyone around

Trusted Nurse Staffing: Helping Travel Nurses Feel at Home — Wherever They Are

Working as a travel nurse is far from easy. Frequent moves — and all they entail — can make life as a travel nurse difficult. 

That is why Trusted Nurse Staffing is here to help. 

We go above and beyond by providing our nurses with a recruiter that they can reach 24/7. From offering support to helping you find the perfect assignment, Trusted Nurse Staffing is committed to helping travel nurses feel right at home, no matter where they might be.