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Do you love being a nurse but are unhappy with your current role? Are you driving to work in the rain even though you planned on being near sunshine and sandy beaches?  

We get it. Sometimes you accept an assignment just because you want to work, not because it’s your dream position. 

If you are wondering how to get that dream position, keep reading. This article will teach you many tips and tricks to help you land the travel nursing assignment of your dreams. 


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Is it Possible To Get Your Dream Travel Nursing Assignment?

Yes! However, to land your dream assignment, have patience and plan on strategic decision-making because you are probably not the only one who has that dream.

Let’s take a closer look at several tips to help you land your dream assignment. 


15 Tips on How To Get Your Dream Travel Nursing Assignment


#1: Start Early

When it comes to travel nursing, it’s never too early to start, and it all begins with your recruiter. 

If you have submitted an application, stay in touch with your recruiter. You may want to discuss your: 

  • Current assignment
  • Next assignment; and
  • The following assignment

Doing this makes you more likely to get your folder to the top of the stack for the jobs you really want. 

Additionally, preparing early not only gives you more job opportunities, but it can help you …

  • Secure your holiday time off
  • Plan for the new year; or
  • Get any new state nursing licenses

… in plenty of time.


#2: Strive To Be a Model Recruit

Being a model recruit is one of the easiest ways to land the ideal job. 

The recruiters will never forget you if you maintain a good relationship with them.

To be a model recruit: 

  • Respond to a text or phone call as soon as you receive it. 
  • During interviews, be transparent about what you are looking for. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you run into a problem or struggle.

Remember, recruiters submit portfolios to potential employers. You have a better chance of getting that dream job if they can give you a positive reference.

The recruiters at Trusted Nurse Staffing work with our nurses to get to know them and know their dream job — you are more than just a number to us. 

Find out more about travel nursing by contacting one of our recruiters today. You can expect a great working relationship from us!




#3: Stand Out From the Crowd

You must stand out among your fellow travel nurses to reach your dream destination. 

For example, you can land a job with certifications such as a: 

In addition to your nursing experience, hospitals may also consider your travel nursing experience. It may be slim pickings for your first few assignments if you are just beginning your travel nursing career unless you have a specialty such as: 

  • Open heart surgery
  • Cath lab
  • Neuro; or
  • Obstetrics

This is because specialty jobs are usually in high demand and pay more.

Remember, patience is a virtue when landing your dream travel nurse assignment, but this patience will pay off. 


#4: Prioritize Your Needs

Don’t be afraid to be upfront and honest with your recruiter. Let them know what is most important to you in a travel nurse contract, including: 

  • Location
  • Facility
  • Experience; and
  • Salary

You can then be connected to assignments suitable for your professional and personal interests.


#5: Plan Seasonally

The availability of travel assignments is determined solely by need. 

If you have a particular destination in mind, you may want to research when their busiest period is. For example, during the winter, snowbirds flock to Florida and Arizona, so there is a need to hire more staff in those destinations.

Most hospitals have a busy time of year during winter, so if you’re looking for a job in a specific location, you’re more likely to find it during the winter months.


#6: Be Flexible

To be successful as a travel nurse, you must adapt to changes and keep an open mind regarding assignments. 

The more flexible you are, the more opportunities you will be exposed to. In addition to finding contracts that work for you, even though they may have non-negotiables, it’s easier to find a good match when you have fewer restrictions on where and how you want to work.

Not every assignment will be right for you, but travel nurses who are …

  • Flexible
  • Adaptable; and 
  • Open-minded 

… are more likely to succeed.


#7: Know Your Limits

To achieve what you want as a travel nurse, you must make sacrifices, just like anything else in life. 

It’s possible you might need to make a few of the following sacrifices: 

  • Sacrificing pay
  • Preferring day or night shifts
  • Living in an extended stay hotel; and 
  • Having to float

It’s amazing what you’ll do if you want to travel somewhere bad enough. But, after a few assignments, you will find your limits and know what your deal breakers are.


#8: Be Open to New Travel Experiences

Travel can be an exciting experience if you are open to it. For example, perhaps you never thought about traveling to the East Coast, but your recruiter presents you with a travel nursing assignment in New York or another nearby state. What do you do? 

Say, “Yes!” 

Get the most out of every travel nursing assignment by exploring the country while learning and growing in a new environment.


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#9: Nail the Interview

Once you and your recruiter have agreed on an assignment, your recruiter will present your application file to the facility. If the employer is interested, your recruiter will help arrange an interview.

Your interview will typically consist of a phone call with the hiring manager, so your ability to connect and convey your clinical skill set will be crucial to getting that travel nurse job you want. 

Preparation for this step is vital!


#10: Explain Any Jobs You’ve Declined in the Past

If a recruiter understands why you decline travel nursing jobs, they can better help you find something more suitable.

Be sure to provide your recruiter: 

  • Details about salary requirements
  • Desired hours; or 
  • Whether a different location would be better

A hospital may not make another offer once you refuse a job.


#11: Communicate Your Thoughts on Permanency

Let your recruiter know whether you fall in love with the job or if the hospital wants to keep you because of your outstanding performance. If you decide to become a permanent member of the staff, your recruiter needs to know as soon as possible. 

Additionally, let your recruiter know upfront if you’re open to making an assignment more permanent. Being open to a longer or more permanent assignment may help you get your foot in the door to a dream position. 


#12: Set Alerts for Your Favorite Destinations

Your recruiter will do most of the legwork, but you can help by signing up for job alerts.

Did you know that when you sign up with Trusted Nurse Staffing, you can set alerts and be notified whenever a new job pops up in your desired location? 

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, our goals are to: 

  • Provide reliable and experienced assistance in finding work
  • Secure necessary training; and 
  • Support you in your new job

Traveling team members have many benefits that meet their needs and fit their lifestyles. Contact us today!




#13: Be Patient

Once your application has been submitted, the waiting begins. The waiting period to hear back from a hospital can range from a few hours to a week. 

Although your recruiter is working hard on your behalf, the best thing you can do for yourself is be mentally prepared to wait. Although it can be stressful, rest assured that your recruiter is doing everything they can to help you land your dream job. 

Having said that, follow up if you don’t hear back after a week.


#14: Don’t Get Ready — Stay Ready

When you are a travel nurse, it’s important to stay ready for when an assignment comes. 

You do not need to have your bags packed, but be sure to keep the essential requirements up to date: 

  1. Nursing license
  2. Nursing certifications
  3. Skills checklist
  4. References
  5. Immunization records; and 
  6. Any other required documents


#15: Work With an Agency To Help You Get Your Dream Travel Nursing Assignment

A travel nurse agency can be a valuable partner when looking for your dream assignment.  

There are so many options available to you as a travel nurse. It’s not just about specialties or facilities but also about the kinds of shifts or employment you’d like. 

Working with an agency can allow you to choose your shifts and contract length according to your schedule. Additionally, you will have someone on your side to negotiate your salary.  

The top five benefits of working with a travel nurse agency include: 

  • Better pay — Nurses who work for an agency often get much better pay.
  • Control your schedule — Choosing the shifts you want to work is up to you.
  • Less stress — Do you not like office politics? When you’re a travel nurse, you get to show up, do your work, and clock out. 
  • Variety — Most agencies have contracts with multiple facilities and locations. 
  • Support — With an agency, you should have access to a recruiter who will find you jobs and provide you with 24/7 support. 


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Trusted Nurse Staffing Is Here To Help You Find the Travel Nursing Job of Your Dreams

Find travel opportunities and work flexibility with Trusted Nurse Staffing. 

Why should you choose us? In addition to … 

  • Finding work
  • Securing training; and
  • Supporting you in your position

… we offer reliable, experienced assistance. 

Our traveling team members enjoy many benefits that fit their travel nurse lifestyle and needs.

In addition, we help you tailor your resume and connect with hiring managers who match your interests and objectives. 

When you find a travel nursing assignment that’s right for you, we assist with: 

  • Certifications
  • Training; and
  • Other compliance requirements

 Do not hesitate to contact us when you are ready to learn more!