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I’m a travel psychiatric nurse with TNS and I’m currently in Seattle, Washington on a 13-week contract. Drew Harding is my recruiter and I have worked with him since 2019. Drew not only listens to my interests but also advocates for safe assignments and the best pay possible. He is always honest, has talked me through the process of travel nursing when I first started traveling, has given me much-needed advice, and has become more than just my recruiter, he’s become a great friend as well! I told Drew that I would like to explore the west coast and was able to get a contract in West Seattle and I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest! I work 12 hour days and on my days off I have found that I love hiking the mountains with my dog. I have made a few close friends who have shown me the ropes of surviving in the cold, rainy months of Seattle’s winters. I have been to the Pacific Ocean, have hiked more in the last three months than I have in the 25 years that I have been alive, and have been able to check out the local breweries and wineries that have recently opened up. The state was on lockdown when I arrived but with all the outdoor activities, I haven’t found myself bored. I have fallen in love with Washington State and once I hang up my travel shoes I would like to come back here to settle down. I can’t thank Trusted Nurse Staffing and Drew enough for this adventure!