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The travel days are long. 

You don’t want to talk to anyone during your quick lunch break; you just want to wind down a bit. 

Or, maybe, some days, it’s just too quiet in your apartment. You’ve read the books. You’ve binge-watched every episode of Outlander and re-watched every season of House. 

And you’re tired of watching the same topics discussed on the news. 

It’s time for something new. 

You’re searching for something entertaining and informative to listen to while you’re on the go. We’ve been there, and we’re happy to help fill your time with these ten travel nurse podcasts. 


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Why Should You Be Listening to Podcasts for Travel Nurses?

It wasn’t until around 2004, a few years after Apple released its first iPod, that podcasts started to take off. Since then, they’ve increased drastically in popularity — and it’s no wonder why. 

For healthcare professionals and those in the travel nursing industry, listening to podcasts are a fantastic way to stay … 

  • Informed
  • Educated; and
  • Encouraged

… throughout their careers. Travel nurse podcasts provide a way for travel nurses to relate to others and come up with ideas on how to better serve the community or overcome challenges they may be facing. 

Plus, podcasts are easy to fit into your daily routine. They’re easily accessible — much easier to organize than the hundreds of paperbacks you’ve tried to take to every new assignment. 

You can listen on the go, while working out, during household chores, or during your work breaks with little to no effort. 




10 Travel Nurse Podcasts You Don’t Want To Miss

Do a quick search on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google and you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of travel nurse podcasts. 

How do you know which ones provide the most information, resources, and entertainment?

We’ve done the research, listened to many, many, podcasts, and narrowed down our top ten travel nurse podcasts we think any travel nurse would benefit from. 


#1: The Truth About Travel Nursing

The Truth About Travel Nursing podcast was created by Kyle Schmidt, a seasoned healthcare recruiter, and recruitment manager. 

This podcast is beneficial for those just starting out in the industry. It provides insights on everything from travel nursing, including: 

  • Pay
  • Contract negotiation tips
  • Information about travel nursing agencies
  • Different jobs in the field
  • And more 

The wonderful thing about this podcast is that Kyle provides honest, straightforward information. There is no beating around the bush, no ultimatums. Their goal is to help travel nurses ensure they are getting the most out of their travel nursing contracts. 


#2: SHIFT Talk

SHIFT Talk, unlike the first featured podcast, is a podcast about all things nursing — made by nurses for nurses. Nurse Nacole is the host, has 11 years in the field, and is a nurse practitioner. Her passions revolve around advocacy and building the community. 

Nurse Nacole and her interviewees keep the conversation real by discussing topics like: 

  • Next generation nursing
  • Nurse burnout
  • Healthcare biases
  • Administration issues
  • Health equity 

SHIFT Talk is a highly reviewed podcast in the nursing community. 

Whether you’re looking to heal, cry, laugh, or learn more about the industry, this honest and gritty podcast is ideal for any nurse who wants to take a deeper dive into the day-to-day issues the healthcare industry faces. 


#3: NurseSpeak

Hosted previously by Ebi, who passed away of cancer in 2021, the NurseSpeak podcast was created as a branch off of @Nurselifern — a community for nurses — on Instagram. Ebi’s goal was to be a voice for nurses seeking change and reform in the healthcare industry. 

Ebi’s brother, Layifa, and friend Emily, continue Ebi’s legacy by keeping @Nurselifern and NurseSpeak going. If you’re a nurse looking to …

  • Help make a change in the industry — think realistic nurse-to-patient ratios
  • Hear stories from veteran nurses 
  • Learn about real issues in nursing
  • Enhance your workplace relationships 
  • Learn from others’ nursing mistakes
  • Grow or find your nursing community
  • Follow along with Oscar the pup (Ebi’s dog, who fans adore)
  • And more

… check out the NurseSpeak podcast or 


#4: Your Next Shift

Whether you’re a seasoned nurse, a nursing student, or an aspiring nurse, Your Next Shift is the perfect podcast for you. The podcast is full of great content and gives insider views into the field of nursing. 

Your Next Shift is hosted by Elizabeth Scala, a nurse who is focused on healing and has spent years trying to find the right path for herself. From hospitals to psychiatric units, Elizabeth Scala has seen a lot in the industry. 

In this podcast, Ms. Scala shares universal truths and tactics nurses can use throughout their journeys. She helps listeners shift their mindsets so they can show up as their best selves — in the field and their in personal lives. 

If you’re a nurse looking for a boost in mood or for a way to gain a more positive outlook, this podcast is right up your alley. 

One reviewer even stated:

“Your Next Shift is truly inspiring. Like many besides myself, I recently started binging this show in my spare time. I’ll be graduating with my ADN in less than 6 months, and listening to Elizabeth’s interviews with so many interesting nurses has contributed to my seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Each episode is well-organized, succinct, and embodies the overarching premise of striving for the nursing career of your dreams. 

Every episode features one nurse’s unique journey through the profession. Challenges are embraced, goals are encouraged, and the adage about the f-word in nursing (standing for flexibility) reigns true. I listen to Your Next Shift in the car, at home while cooking, or while lounging with my cat. 

So grateful to have discovered the show at just the right time, when I can appreciate the friendly, positive reinforcement and feel that much more confident about my future in nursing.”


#5: Empowered Nurse

Hosted by Lacey Magen, the Empowered Nurse podcast offers support and empowerment to new (and veteran) travel nurses. 

As a board-certified nurse, Lacey brings tips, advice, and help to those looking for a greater understanding of the field. It’s a travel nurse podcast perfect for those looking to relate to other travel nurses. 

When listening to Empowered Nurse, you’ll find joy in how Lacey keeps it real and offers encouragement, while also reminding you that your travel nursing journey is YOURS to own, and to be proud of the change you are making in the world. 

Lacey has even started the Empowered Nurse mentorship program as a way to help:

  • Novice nurses navigate the transition from student to nurse
  • Build intrapersonal skills necessary in the field
  • Listeners feel comfortable and empowered to bring about change as a nurse


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#6: Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Good Nurse Bad Nurse is a podcast that provides a perfect blend of hilarious, lighthearted moments and thought-provoking content. 

If you’re a travel nurse looking for a binge-worthy podcast, Good Nurse Bad Nurse is the one. 

The host, Tina, describes her podcast as encouraging and educational. The episodes range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length, making them perfect for travel days. 

Each episode involves a story being told by a “good nurse” with an uplifting, inspirational message. This is followed by another story, from a “bad nurse,” uncovering some of the “darker” sides to healthcare. 

From special guests and interviews to light-hearted stories, this podcast has a little something for everyone in the field to enjoy. 


#7: Cup of Nurses

Cup of Nurses is a podcast created by nurses who want to change the world. Hosts Matt and Peter have over five years of nursing experience. Their podcast covers: 

  • Tough topics
  • Current healthcare news 
  • Nursing tips
  • Experiences
  • Interviews with healthcare professionals
  • Unique perspectives in healthcare
  • And more

The conversations they have on Cup of Nurses aren’t cookie-cutter conversations. They’re thought-provoking and encouraging. 

Whether you’re a travel nurse, starting nursing school, or want to find out more information about specific things happening in the healthcare industry, this podcast is chock-full of information to help build a better world and a better future.

Cup of Nurses is contemporary, uplifting, and adventurous. It’s the ideal podcast to help travel nurses gain different perspectives and stay updated on all things nursing. 


#8: The Gritty Nurse

The Gritty Nurse podcast is hosted by friends Sara and Amie, who are experienced nurses. 

With new podcast episodes dropped every Thursday, the Gritty Nurse podcast covers: 

  • Hot health and healthcare topics
  • Mental health topics
  • Women’s health
  • Women’s rights
  • Social justice 
  • And more 

Sara and Amie set out to represent those who have been silenced, underrepresented or marginalized in the healthcare field. They share stories that inspire, promote change, and provide hope.  

If you’re searching for a nursing podcast that is educational, entertaining and gets down to the nitty-gritty in the healthcare industry, this podcast is for you. 


#9: Travel Nursing & Allied Life

If you’re looking for monthly updates regarding healthcare and travel nursing specifically, the monthly podcasts — sometimes more — from Travel Nursing & Allied Life are for you. 

The Travel Nursing & Allied Life podcast is the perfect travel nurse podcast for those looking to gain insights on healthcare trends, tips, industry issues, and more. 

It is hosted by the TravelCon team, whose goal is to bring as much insight as possible to healthcare industry travelers. The TravelCon podcasts are divided into five series:

  1. Industry Trends: Here, the hosts interview industry leaders and travel nursing agencies about trending topics.
  2. Speaker Series: During this podcast, the hosts provide information about any upcoming TravelCon conferences.
  3. Newbie News: The hosts cover issues faced by new travel nurses and other traveling healthcare workers.
  4. The Healthcare Traveler Minute: Experienced travel nurses and allied health workers help nurses gain industry insights.
  5. The Exhibitor Minute: Listen to healthcare recruiters and industry experts’ insights and tips to make your career more fulfilling and successful.


#10: Vintage Traveling Nurse

Myouncka, a travel nurse, created her podcast after discovering her passion for travel nursing. If you’re a seasoned nurse, or even a new nurse searching for a travel nursing podcast, this is the one for you. 

Myouncka keeps it real on the Vintage Traveling Nurse podcast and discusses:

  • Finances
  • Grief
  • Getting comfortable as a travel nurse
  • Creating a work-life balance
  • Starting as a travel nurse
  • And more

Follow along on her journey as a travel nurse and take some of her top tips and advice with you on your journey. 


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  • An experienced travel nurse; or 
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