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Sleepless nights. Soiled clothes. Selflessness. 

Being a nurse and having a baby have a lot in commonso why not take your little one along, while you take your passion and talent for nursing on the road?

There are certain factors to consider, pros and cons to weigh, and conversations to be had. But, it’s possible (and rewarding) to travel nurse with a baby

Join us as we dig into what it’s like to bring a baby along on assignment. You might decide it’s time to take the leap, or you may learn it’s not the best time for you. Either way, we’re here for you. 


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Can You Travel Nurse With a Baby?


We’re going to be real with you. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows working out the logistics of travel nursing with a baby — but, you may find that the rewards far exceed any hiccups

Besides, life with a baby is messy anyway. Why not add some adventure (and extra money) into the mix? 

At Travel Nurse Staffing, we work with nurses with many different home situations: 

Whether you have a baby or are expecting, we’d love to chat with you to help you decide what is best for your growing family. You can click the link below to begin the conversation. 




The Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing With a Baby

Like with anything, there are pros and cons to weigh before you accept a travel nurse assignment with your wee one in tow. 

We’ve outlined many of them below, so you can begin considering if travel nursing with a baby will work for your family. 


7 Pros of Travel Nursing With a Baby

Travel nursing in general has tons of pros like …

  • Adventure
  • Great pay
  • Freedom and flexibility 
  • Networking
  • Job security 
  • Unique learning opportunities; and
  • Extended time off

… but travel nursing with a baby adds its own pros. 


#1: You Can Choose Your Location

For travel nurses, choosing where you live is one of the biggest perks.

Do you want to spend breezy days on the beach with your little one? Or would you rather be closer to extended family who can help with the baby?

The choice is yours!

When you’re travel nursing with a baby, being able to pick locations that are around family members or friends is invaluable. 

You can spend time with loved ones you wouldn’t get to see otherwise and allow them to get to know your bundle of joy. If you’re traveling with your spouse, you can even sneak in a date night or two. 

Stay as little as two weeks. Or accept a thirteen-week contract — and extend to stay even longer. The flexibility of travel nursing can work great for nurses with little ones.


#2: Flights Are Usually Free

You may decide to fly instead of driving to your next assignment. If you choose to fly, you won’t have to worry about buying a plane ticket for your babyas babies under two years old usually fly for free in your lap. 

This can allow for extra room in your budget to fly with your baby more often on your time off for visits back home. 


#3: You Don’t Have to Worry About Schooling

Travel nursing with a baby is a breeze when you don’t have to worry about school considerations like:

  • Switching schools
  • Finding a new school
  • Leaving school friends 
  • Being in a new learning environment 

While schooling is doable for children of any age while you’re travel nursing, you don’t have to worry about it at all when you’re just bringing a baby along. 


#4: You Can Make Every Trip a Road Trip

Many nurses enjoy driving instead of flying to their assignments. This freedom allows you to bring everything you need for travel nursing with a baby. 

Every new assignment can be a new family vacation. You can do and see more while spending precious time with your little one


#5: It’s Easy To Make Friends With a Baby

There are so many ways to meet other parents in a new city — and having a baby opens up even more options for making friends who are in the same stage of life. 

You can meet new friends with your baby by:

  • Asking at work if other nurses have a baby
  • Joining local parent meets or playgroups
  • Joining a “baby and me” type class
  • Getting involved in a local church 
  • Taking your baby to the park; or
  • Attending library programs for little ones 

Finding like-minded friends at your new assignment can help combat loneliness and even lead to lasting friendshipseven after you’ve moved to your next assignment. 


#6: Babies Are Portable

Babies can be the perfect travel nurse companions. 

Since you don’t need to worry about …

  • School
  • Sports; or 
  • Other events to rush to

… you can live by your own agenda during your time off. Just strap the baby in the car seat and off you go. And since babies are usually on a nap schedule, you can plan drives around that. 

Or if you’re wanting to get out and explore, all you need is a stroller, sling, or carrier, and you can easily get around town to make the most of travel nursing with a baby. 


#7: You Can Extend Your Assignment

If you and your little one are loving your current assignment, you can request an extension. Your two-month assignment can last 16 weeks or even longer — thanks to the flexibility of travel nursing

Extending with a hospital also keeps your little one with the same pediatrician for longer, since frequent checkups are common in the first year. 

And when you’re ready to move on? That’s your call too. 


travel nurse with a baby


3 Cons of Travel Nursing With a Baby

Travel nursing with a baby isn’t for everyone — and that’s OK. 

We’ve included a few cons to consider, while you decide what’s best for you and your family. 


#1: Your Family Misses Out on Milestones

If you have an involved family, they may not be thrilled about your plans to travel nurse with your new baby. 

Being further away from family means they may miss out on important milestones like their first:

  • Smile
  • Word 
  • Step
  • Bite of solid food; or
  • Experience touching snow

Consider involving your family in your decision to travel nurse with your little one. It can help ease the transition. 


#2: You May Have To Upgrade Your Housing

Travel nursing housing can be tight quarters meant for one person. 

With the extra stuff that comes along with travel nursing with a baby, you might have to consider paying to upgrade your accommodations. 

Conversations with your travel agency can help you plan for this possibility. 


#3: Finding Childcare Can Be a Challenge

Finding a daycare with an opening in your hometown can be a challenge. Finding temporary childcare in a new city can be even harder. 

Making connections and doing your research before you move will be a must to secure childcare before arriving at a new assignment. 


Is It Safe To Travel Nurse With a Baby?

Safety is always on your mind when traveling to a new city. And being a parent can bring on a whole new level of concern, anxiety, or uncertainty. 

Travel nursing with a baby can cause your thoughts to spin out of control:

  • How safe are the neighborhoods?
  • Are there natural disasters to worry about?
  • How can I find the best pediatrician?
  • How can I find trusted childcare? 

Those are valid concerns any parent would have, no matter the job. The key is to prepare ahead of time. 

Since you have the luxury to choose your location, you can take advantage of researching before you go. You can compare crime rates to find safer cities, good weather, highly rated pediatricians, or pretty much anything you can think of. 

Being able to have more control in your location can help ease any worries you have while on assignment with your little one. 

If you’re with a good staffing agency, they can also be a support for you if a need arises. We offer 24/7 support to our nurses with Trusted Nurse Staffing. We appreciate our nurses, so we always have someone standing by to address any concerns or questions that may come up while you’re on the road. Your and your family’s well-being is important to us. 




Why Now Might Be the Best Time To Hit the Road With Your Wee One

Travel nursing with older children can be challenging. If they’re in school, they can struggle when switching schools. They’ve made friends and have routines. They may be active in sports that they don’t want to give up. 

And as children get older and become teenagers, they often want the freedom to get a job or spend more time with their friends. 

Travel nursing with a baby can be simpler. They’ll just be along for the ride! They don’t have big expectations or additional demands — just love, food, and a clean diaper. As long as they have you, they don’t care what state they’re in. 

You don’t have to wait for a better time to chase your dreams. Try travel nursing for a year or two with your little one. While you’re traveling together, you might even find your family’s ideal forever home. 


how to travel nurse with a baby


Find Out How Trusted Nurse Staffing Can Support You as a Travel Nurse With a Baby

As you see, travel nursing with a baby is doable — and can be an exciting experience. 

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we believe in giving all our nurses (whether solo or with a loved one) all the benefits you deserve. 

We offer our heroes:

  • Medical benefits for the entire family
  • The highest pay in the industry
  • Flexible contracts
  • Travel, housing, and food stipends
  • Wellness benefits
  • License, certifications, and CEU reimbursements
  • 401(k)
  • 24/7 access to a real person
  • And so much more

Ready to speak to one of our recruiters? Click on the link below to begin building a new life for you and your family.