Trusted Gives, the charitable branch of Trusted Nurse Staffing, proudly announces the overwhelming success of its recent Passport to Possibility gala, which took place on Thursday, March 14, at The Buffalo Club. The event, which sold out, marks a significant achievement in the organization’s first year of existence, raising an impressive $106,102 to support its mission of enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families within the community.

The inaugural Passport to Possibility gala was not just a celebration, but a testament to the power of community and generosity. The funds raised will directly contribute to Trusted Gives’ core mission, providing essential resources, support, and assistance.

A highlight of the organization’s upcoming initiatives is the 716 CommUNITY Day™, an event dedicated to serving hot meals and other essential health and wellness resources to the East Side community of Buffalo, the home base of Trusted Nurse Staffing. This initiative is a direct reflection of the gala’s impact, showcasing how collective efforts can make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Reflecting on the gala’s success, Martin Vidal, CEO of Trusted Nurse Staffing and Trusted Gives Board President, expressed his gratitude, saying, “The outpouring of support we received at the gala is truly heartwarming. Each contribution, whether through attendance, sponsorships, donations, or spreading the word, plays a crucial role in our mission. I want to extend my deepest thanks to everyone involved. Your generosity is not just appreciated; it’s a driving force that enables us to make a significant impact in our community.”

The success of the gala is a result of the incredible support from sponsors, attendees, and the broader community.

“This year is set to be an amazing one, thanks to our generous supporters. The gala’s success is a collective achievement that showcases what we can accomplish together. We are eager to share the positive changes we plan to bring to the Buffalo community, all made possible by your support,” Trusted Gives stated.

As Trusted Gives looks to the future, the organization is excited about the opportunities to further its mission and make a lasting impact on the community. The success of the gala is just the beginning of what promises to be a transformative year for Trusted Gives and the lives it touches.