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You are a brand new travel nurse stepping into the role for the very first time, and you’re scared. You have no idea what challenges, struggles, beauty, or chaos are ahead of you.

Reading great novels written by experienced travel nurses or books about travel nursing is a great way to gain an insider’s perspective of the industry, relieve stress, gain confidence, and manage your expectations.

Here we will cover 14 books on travel nursing that range from informative first-hand accounts, fictional stories recreated for entertainment, and much more to help travel nurses like you navigate your profession.


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The Top 8 Travel Nurse Books To Help You Navigate the Industry

Whether you’re a travel nurse or a nurse who works from one healthcare facility, learning how to navigate the industry of nursing is important. Not only is nursing a demanding job but there are many obstacles and challenges nurses face every day — many of which non-nurses could never understand.

Sometimes it’s helpful to take advice from those who have been in your shoes instead of trying to figure everything out for yourself. That’s why diving into any one of these eight books will help you navigate your profession as a travel nurse.


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#1: Hitting the Road: A Guide To Travel Nursing 

Written by a travel nursing veteran, “Hitting the Road: A Guide To Travel Nursing” focuses on real-world issues in a field that is still being explored by nurses.

In this book, you’ll find that author Shalon Kearney provides:

  • Self-assessment exercises
  • Tips
  • Insights; and
  • Finance and tax strategies

You’ll also read about a range of her travel issues with fellow travel nurses and readers.

If you’re searching for travel nursing books written from first-hand experiences and full of information, don’t skip this read.


#2: Travel Nurse’s Bible

This guide to everything you need to know about travel nursing is said to be one of the best resources to utilize when looking into becoming a travel nurse. Many books about travel nursing exist, but with a 5-star rating, “Travel Nurse’s Bible” is not to be missed.

Written by David Morrison, R.N., “Travel Nurse’s Bible” is a host of first-hand experiences from the author himself from over a decade of working as a travel nurse.

Morrison also:

  • Takes you through the steps of how to become a travel nurse
  • Answers many questions
  • Explains the necessary qualifications to become a travel nurse
  • Highlights important traits you should possess to make a good travel nurse


#3: The Truth About Travel Nursing

Gain an insider’s perspective of the world of travel nursing with this informative book. “The Truth About Travel Nursing” provides a fundamental understanding of the industry of travel nursing. 

It’s a future travel nurse’s go-to book for:

  • Learning how compensation packages work
  • Teaching you how to land a travel nursing position
  • Knowing what to expect on a travel nursing assignment
  • Learning how to determine what to ask for in your contract
  • And much more


#4: Fast Facts for the Travel Nurse: Travel Nursing in a Nutshell

If you’re a professional nurse looking to pursue a career in travel nursing, Michele Angell-Landrum’s book, “Fast Facts for the Travel Nurse: Travel Nursing in a Nutshell,” provides a comprehensive guide full of quick-access information.

Michele Angell-Landrum is a seasoned nurse practitioner who provides first-hand tips on how to:

  • Get into the field of travel nursing
  • Negotiate assignment contracts
  • Increase pay
  • Improve your benefits; and
  • Enhance your travel assignment.

This easy-to-read book on travel nursing has many 4-star ratings for good reason.


#5: Inspiring the Inspirational: Words of Hope From Nurses to Nurses

Although not specifically considered a travel nursing book, this book is one of inspiration, encouragement, compassion, reliability, and much more. In fact, you don’t even have to be a nurse to enjoy “Inspiring the Inspirational: Words of Hope From Nurses to Nurses”. 

The book focuses on the beauty of nursing but is intended for people of all kinds. The many stories of nurses around the country reveal the humor, unforgettable discoveries, adventures, poignant tales, and real-world accounts. 

The goal? If you’re a nurse, you’ll hopefully be inspired and refreshed in your profession. If you’re not a nurse, you’ll hopefully have a bigger understanding, admiration, and compassion for all that they do.


#6: The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles With the Heroes of the Hospital

The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles With the Heroes of the Hospital”, is a New York Times bestseller for good reason.

Author Alexandra Robbins creates a compelling story that follows four nurses through their worlds of nursing and all that they encounter in the walls of a hospital.

You don’t have to be a travel nurse — or even a nurse at all— to enjoy this story. If you’re in the dark about our healthcare system, this story will help to open your eyes to what really goes on in healthcare facilities. 


#7: Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not

Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern-day nursing, uses “Notes on Nursing: What It is and What It Is Not” to introduce various ideas of health and nursing, including:

  • Holistic health
  • Home health
  • Alternative therapies
  • Women’s role in nursing
  • Nursing administration
  • Health prevention and maintenance
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Mind/body relationships

Anita S. Kessler, R.N., M.S.N., M.Ed says she believes “it is a void in the education of a nurse not to read…”


#8: I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse

This book is a collection of true narratives of various nurses that reveal many things from different points of their careers.

I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse” shares stories of longing, fear, wonder, exploration, and answered prayers.

If you’re a nurse with passion and strength for your job, if you’re struggling with burnout, having strength, or losing empathy, these narratives will speak to you.


The Top 6 Travel Nurse Books To Read for Enjoyment While on Assignment

Are you a travel nurse looking to fill some of your free time while you’re on an assignment? You can explore your new area, find a gym, even enjoy a nice run outside. 

Or, you can pick up a book and read. 

Not only is reading beneficial for your health— and we know travel nurses are stressed, tired, and likely feeling burnout — but reading books about travel nursing while you’re on assignment can be both helpful and inspiring.

Are you searching for your next dream travel nurse assignment? Let Trusted Nurse Staffing help.


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#1: Roadfood

As a travel nurse, you spend a lot of time on the road. You’re either driving from your hometown to your travel assignment or spending your free time exploring the area around where your travel assignment is. 

Why not indulge in some of the tastiest foods while you’re at it?

“Roadfood” is described as “a road map to some of the tastiest treasures in the United States.”

It includes 1,000 of America’s best local eateries both along major highways and tucked away into small towns and is full of descriptions that will leave your mouth watering.

In “Roadfood”, you’ll find:

  • Barbecue spots
  • Lobster shacks
  • Diners
  • Hot Dog stands
  • Ice-cream shops 
  • Steakhouses
  • Southern delights

There’s something for everyone.


#2: Vagabonding

“Vagabonding” is a guide created for anyone looking to take long-term trips to discover the world and experience new things — perfect for a travel nurse living in a new spot for months at a time.

In “Vagabonding”, Rolf Potts teaches you how to:

  • Save money for your traveling
  • Pick destinations (and try and find travel nursing contracts there)
  • Handle travel adversity
  • Adjust to life away from home


#3: The Healer’s War

This novel, set in the Vietnam War, provides a nurse’s perspective on war and priorities. In “The Healer’s War”, Lt. Kitty McCulley is forced to face being a nurse amidst war and highlights the challenges of her work.

The story is created from the personal experience of author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and her time as an army nurse in Da Nang.


#4: The Glory Cloak

Another fictional novel that focuses on nursing during the war, “The Glory Cloak: A Novel of Louisa May Alcott and Clara Barton” covers the life of nurses during the Civil War era.

It’s an inspiring story of both friendship and women breaking the mold that society has set for them.


#5: Hello Beautiful

A New York Times bestseller and Oprah’s book club pick, “Hello Beautiful” is a story of love and tragedy all tied into one.

Author Ann Napolitano creates a story that follows William Waters who grew up in a home where there wasn’t much love. 

He meets and falls in love with Julia, who comes from a family dripping in love and contentment. Their two lives eventually collide to create a questionable future together.


#6: Confessions of a Male Nurse

Written from the perspective of a male travel nurse, Author (and nurse) Michael Alexander, narrates the highs and lows of his experiences of working in hospitals across the globe as a male travel nurse.

In “Confessions of a Male Nurse”, Alexander covers his worldwide career, going from New Zealand to London and the Swiss Alps.


What Are the Benefits of Reading While on Assignment?

We all know that reading is good for us, right? And reading while on assignment as a travel nurse can be even better. We know nurses suffer from:

Reading is an easy way to combat some of these struggles.

If reading isn’t your thing, consider listening to travel nurse podcasts for connection or inspiration.

Whichever you choose, whether it be a podcast, book, or e-book, you’ll reap the benefits of brain connectivity and maybe find a new joy for your career as a travel nurse. 

Consider these benefits:

  • Improve focus
  • Exercise your brain
  • Learn something new
  • Entertain yourself
  • Improve your memory
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Become more empathetic 
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve mental health


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Continued Learning

Your education shouldn’t end upon graduation, especially in a career where people’s lives are in your hands every day. 

Continued learning is a huge part of why reading is so important, especially for nurses. 

A travel nurse who reads is a travel nurse who is prepared and the knowledge contained in all of these books about nursing, plus many more, come from many first-hand accounts, experience, and wisdom of people who have walked in your shoes before you. 

What better place to learn and grow in your profession than from other nurses who have already lived what you’re going through?



Reduced stress has been mentioned time and time again as a major benefit to reading, whether you’re a travel nurse or someone working in any other profession or dealing with the many stressors of life.

Dr. David Lewis, a cognitive neuropsychologist, conducted a study that discovered that reading is the best way to reduce stress when compared to other options like walking, drinking tea or coffee, or playing video games.

The study also found that even six minutes of reading can be enough to reduce stress levels by more than two-thirds, so you don’t have to make a big commitment to reading for hours a day. Set aside even just ten minutes when you wake in the morning or before bed to reduce your stress.

“Losing yourself in a book is the ultimate relaxation.” – Dr. David Lewis



We understand that life as a travel nurse is difficult. You’re tired, stressed out, and probably working overtime. The last thing you probably want to do when you come home is to keep learning. 

That’s fine! Reading can be a form of entertainment. After all, books are highly entertaining. Grab a non-fictional story, find a quiet spot, and get lost in it.


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Trusted Nurse Staffing: Supporting Travel Nurses Throughout Their Journey

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