Our Trusted Travel Nurse of September is.... | Trusted Nurse Staffing 987839088534212 [9:30 AM] Katie Iglewski


Sonya Andrus, Travel ER RN!


Sonya has been a Trusted Travel Nurse with us since January 2015. While she is currently working in her home state of Wisconsin, she flew the coop twice to work in warmer areas: Arizona and Hawaii. Sonya has always been open to the adventure and ready for a challenge!

“When an assignment needed her, she was there. Sonya is the most charismatic and positivity travel nurse I have ever worked with.” says Drew, her Trusted Recruiter.

Beyond her shining personality, we chose Sonya as Trusted Travel Nurse of September because of her commitment to the job. Notably, when she worked in the largest Level 1 trauma ER in Wisconsin, her supervisors remarked that “Sonya’s work ethic is top notch!”

When Sonya is not saving lives, she is rockin’ the nights away as lead singer of (BAND NAME). “She’s got a legit voice!”, says Drew. Sonya has a 4 year nursing degree and impeccable references to boot. We are proud to have her as a Trusted Nurse.

Congrats, Sonya! If you know of a Trusted Nurse that deserves a shout out, shoot us an email at info@trustednursestaffing.com.