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You worked hard to become a nurse and wouldn’t trade your profession for anything. But endless hospital hours and constant overtime are beginning to take a toll on you — mentally and physically.

You love what you do, but you’re sacrificing a lot and saving little time and energy for yourself.

You’d love to continue your work as a nurse, but you also need to prioritize more time for yourself. A position as a part-time travel nurse may be the answer that you’re looking for.

But can you travel nurse part-time? 

Learn how to work as a part-time travel nurse and the many benefits of securing part-time travel nurse jobs.


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Part-Time Travel Nursing: Can Travel Nurses Work Part-Time?

Although most travel nurses work full-time, it’s possible to be a travel nurse and only work part-time.

Part-time travel nursing provides flexibility and allows travel nurses to enjoy a change of pace from the typical 13-week contract or full-time nursing position. Working a shorter assignment (although usually full-time daily hours) can equal part-time pay with more time off to relax and enjoy the other benefits travel nursing yields.

Whether you want a full-time career or are looking for supplemental income on your days off, travel nursing can open many doors for you — personally and professionally

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, our recruiters are trained and knowledgeable about helping travel nurses find the perfect contracts for them, whether they be part-time or full-time positions. No matter what you consider the best travel nurse assignment to be, we can help you find it. Use Pronto to help you discover available part-time travel nurse opportunities — where one is sure to fit what you’re looking for.

Ready to talk to someone about full or part-time travel nursing? 

We’ve partnered with Pronto so that you can get access to a variety of positions all over the country. Find your dream part-time travel RN job today!


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How Does Part-Time Travel Nursing Work?

Part-time travel nursing doesn’t work in the same way as a typical “part-time” job. Instead of working fewer hours in a week, you work shorter contracts. 

The average contract length is 13 weeks. However, many staffing agencies, including Trusted Nurse Staffing, offer shorter contracts. 

This may depend on a facility’s needs, but shorter contracts between 6-10 weeks are sometimes available. Occasionally, you might even find a contract that is shorter than that.

But whether you sign a 6, 8, or 13-week contract, part-time travel nursing works the same as full-time travel nursing except:

  1. You choose your contract.
  2. You receive a non-taxable travel and housing stipend.
  3. You work your contract and then plan what’s next.
  4. You use your new experience and networks to enhance your resume.
  5. You get to travel to new places and make new memories.

Before your contract comes to an end, you’ll let your recruiter know what you want to do next and they will help you extend your contract or find another contract somewhere else. 

Then you get to decide your next step — and recruiters will work to make it happen. In a way, you are like your own boss when it comes to:

  • Where you work
  • How long you work
  • What position you’ll have

If you want to learn more about specific contract lengths, contact us at Trusted Nurse Staffing or search for jobs in Pronto


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Why Might Someone Be Looking for a Part-Time Travel Nurse Position?

One of the greatest perks of this job is flexibility, and the option of working part-time as a travel nurse adds to that perk. But flexibility isn’t the only reason travel nurses look to take part-time travel nurse jobs. 

Part-time travel nursing is also appealing because:

  • It allows the opportunity to take a lengthy vacation between assignments. 
  • Nurses can take more time for their families
  • Nurses might be able to bring families along to shorter contracts.
  • It allows for working other jobs during time off.
  • Nurses can experience a variety of hospitals and places during their careers.

With part-time travel nursing, you have options. And at Trusted Nurse Staffing, we work hard to fulfill your dreams. 

Maybe you want to work a 13-week assignment but then take two weeks off before starting your next contract. We can help you do that.

Perhaps you would prefer to work a six-week assignment and then take two weeks off before starting a shorter, three-week assignment. We can help you do that, too.

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, whatever your reason is for searching for a part-time travel nurse job, we will work hard to find you a contract that fulfills all of your wants and needs.


5 Major Benefits of Part-Time Travel Nursing


#1: Have Flexibility With Supplemental Income

Some people accept part-time travel nurse jobs to supplement their income from another job. For example, maybe you work during the school year as a nursing instructor but can take opportunities to travel nurse during breaks from school. You’ll likely be busy, but you’ll have a chance to earn supplemental income.

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we provide multiple contract lengths ranging from just a few weeks to 13-week contracts — depending on the needs of healthcare facilities

Whatever flexibility you might have in your schedule to supplement your income, we can work to find a contract that’s right for you. You can do this by accepting a regular, 13-week contract. Then, you can supplement with a part-time contract of four weeks before your next full-time contract begins. 

You can even choose a few part-time positions a year or take a leave of absence while working part-time contracts as needed. 


#2: Avoid Work-Related Exhaustion

Nurse burnout is real

A federal study reported that nearly half of healthcare workers are experiencing burnout, with nurses being especially vulnerable to this condition.

Many RNs pursue travel nursing to avoid burnout from working at the same place for a long time. 

It might be time to consider a part-time travel nursing job if:

  • You feel like your career is at a standstill.
  • You’re tired of hospital politics or favoritism.
  • You’re bored of running the same race every day.

With part-time travel nursing, you can experience new people, places, and adventures while continuing to do what you love the most and avoiding the exhaustion and monotony of showing up to the same assignment every day.


#3: Experience a Variety of Clinical Programs

A nurse may have a staff nursing position at one hospital or clinic and take a part-time travel nurse position in a different facility — and maybe in a different specialty to build experience.

The opportunity to work in a variety of clinical programs allows you to learn from both top research and teaching facilities with all of the bells and whistles and small, rural hospitals that rely on less technology to solve problems. 

Working at different facilities allows you to broaden your nursing skills and expand your professional resume — while also enjoying exciting new places around the country. 


#4: Receive the Same Perks and Incentives as Full-Time Travel Nurses

Working to find a new contract each time your current travel nurse contract is up can be troublesome on your own. But working with a nurse staffing agency can help erase those troubles and include great perks and incentives — even for part-time travel nurse contracts.

Trusted Nurse Staffing not only works to place part-time travel nurses with desirable assignments across the nation, but we help do much more to ensure the smoothest and easiest transitions into your new contracts.

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we:

  • Help you customize your resume
  • Connect you with hiring managers that fit your interests and objectives
  • Assist with certifications
  • Assist with training
  • Help you to meet compliance requirements
  • Help find you well-paying contracts that are worth your time
  • Negotiate your contracts
  • Help set up and navigate traveling
  • Help set up housing
  • And more

Because we value our relationship with you, our part-time travel nurses receive the same help and treatment as any full-time travel nurse. 


#5: Create Job Security and Room for Advancement

Demand for registered nurses may grow 6% by 2031 as demand for healthcare services continues to rise due to the increase in the population of older people — typically with many medical issues.

Because of this, job growth is expected across many different healthcare facilities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient care services
  • Residential care services
  • Telehealth services
  • And more

By working as a part-time travel nurse, you have your foot in the door when the opportunity presents itself for longer or more frequent contracts.

And if you’re working with a nurse staffing agency:

  • They can be quick to get you into positions that need immediate help.
  • You may be the first one they go to when they have an opportunity available.
  • You should be on top of your certifications, training, and requirements.


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Part-Time Travel Nursing FAQs


How Do You Get Started in Part-Time Travel Nursing? 

Step #1: Earn Your Degree

Part-time (as well as full-time) travel nurses either have:

  • An associate’s degree (ADN)
  • A bachelor’s degree (BSN); or
  • A master’s degree (MSN)

An ADN might be all that is required to become a travel nurse. However, most travel nursing agencies and facilities often prefer their nurses to have at least a BSN degree.


Step #2: Obtain Licensing 

Once you earn your degree, you’ll need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). 

You’ll then need to meet your state’s RN requirements for state licensure. Most states currently participate in the Nurse Licensure Compact, which allows you to apply for licensure in multiple states. 


Step #3: Gain Experience 

Next, you’ll need to gain nursing experience. 

Most staffing agencies require one to two years of experience working in your desired field in a hospital setting before allowing you to search for part-time travel nurse jobs. 


Step #4: Work With a Recruiter 

The final step? It’s time to speak with a trusted and reliable nurse staffing agency that will meet your unique needs. 

You’ll want to talk to your recruiter about factors like:

  • Part-time contracts
  • Housing allowances
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Special requirements or policies 

The travel nurse staffing agency you work with will influence all of these aspects of your contract. Consider your agency recruiters your negotiators that can get you the best deal — if you choose the right agency.

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, we work hard for our nurses. We offer part-time travel nursing contracts to help you be in charge of your career. Work as little or as much as you want! Explore jobs on Pronto today.


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How Long Do Part-Time Travel Nursing Contracts Last?

Since part-time travel nursing means that you decide how long you want to work and how long you want your breaks to be, the answer depends on you.

A typical travel nurse contract is 13 weeks. As a part-time travel nurse, you can work a 13-week contract and choose to take off an entire month or more before starting a new contract, or you can work shorter length contracts that better suit your lifestyle. 

The choice is yours. 


How Much Money Can a Part-Time Travel Nurse Make?

Many travel nurses have the potential to earn over $3,000 per week

With bonuses and housing accommodations, it’s possible to make well over $100k per year as a full-time travel nurse. According to, the average travel nurse’s salary ranges from $75,520 to $92,526 per year. The annual salary you make as a part-time travel nurse will depend on how many hours you choose to work. 

The average hourly rate for travel nurses is nearly $50 an hour! Think about how much money you could make working even 20 hours per week. 

Keep in mind that a travel nursing salary also depends on factors such as:

  • Education
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Years of experience
  • Location 
  • Type of facility
  • Shortage needs
  • Department
  • If it’s a time of crisis, natural disaster, etc.

You’re wondering, “Can you travel nurse part-time and still make good money?” The answer is a resounding yes!

But how much money you earn is entirely up to you — it depends on how much you want to work and how many breaks you choose to take.


Is It Possible To Find a Part-Time Travel Nursing Position Close to Home?

Yes, many travel nurses — both part-time and full-time — accept contracts that are close to home.

Just be sure to keep in mind that if you’re choosing part-time travel nursing in your own state, you might not be entitled to the same tax-free subsidies for lodging and meals, depending on how far you travel from your home. 


What Specialties Are Most Common in Part-Time Travel Nursing?

All travel nurses are in high demand.

However, those with a specialized nursing focus are sought after by medical facilities across the nation. 

These high-demand specialties include:


Where Are Part-Time Travel Nurses in Demand?

Part-time travel nurses experience the same adventure as full-time travel nurses — part-time travel nursing just allows more time for adventure. Every nurse needs a break from time to time, and part-time travel nursing is like getting paid to go on vacation but only working a few days a week.

With so many exciting destinations, it can be hard to decide where to go first. 

In terms of salary, demand, and amazing things to do, you can start your part-time travel nursing list by considering these top 10 picks:

  1. Maui, Hawaii 
  2. Anchorage, Alaska
  3. Denver, Colorado 
  4. Austin, Texas
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. Burbank, California 
  7. New York City, New York
  8. Dallas, Texas
  9. San Francisco, California 
  10. Tucson, Arizona 


Find a Part-Time Travel Nursing Position With Trusted Nurse Staffing

At Trusted Nurse Staffing, it is our mission to grant our nurses control over their contracts and careers. The world is your oyster, don’t worry about putting in the work to shuck it. Leave the heavy lifting when it comes to managing your contract to us. 

And, with Pronto, we’ve made it even easier to find a travel nursing contract. 

Whether you’re interested in working part-time as a travel nurse or want a full-time travel nursing contract, Trusted Nurse Staffing and Pronto have what you need. 

We also believe in rewarding our traveling nurses and their families with well-deserved benefits. Because of this, we are proud to offer:

  • Flexible full or part-time contracts 
  • Medical benefits for the entire family
  • Dental and vision benefits 
  • The highest pay rates in the industry 
  • Generous bonuses (sign-on and completion)
  • License, certifications, and CEU reimbursements 
  • Housing, travel, and food stipends 
  • And more

We’ve also just launched a student loan assistance program available through the CARES Act, allowing you to save even more of your hard-earned money.

Our recruiters value you as a full-time or part-time travel nurse and are ready and excited to begin helping you achieve your goals. Where will your next adventure take you?

Contact us or use Pronto to begin the search for your part-time travel nursing position today!


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